Florida QB looking to become best in State

This past season the state of Florida was loaded with top-flight quarterbacks. Xavier Lee, Drew Weatherford, Cornelius Ingram and Brent Schaffer led the way.

This year Palm Beach Lakes quarterback Jarrett Brown wants to be the best in Florida. At 6-foot-4, 190 pounds Brown has the ideal size for a quarterback. Last season Brown completed 103 passes for over 1500 yards and 18 touchdowns. He looks to double those numbers this year.

When the Insiders sat down with Brown, he mentioned the teams that he is most interested in.

"NC State, West Virginia, FSU, Miami and Florida are the teams I like the most right now, growing up Florida State was my favorite team."

One thing that Brown wanted most to happen this season was for his team to play for a state championship.

"That would be the ultimate goal for this year. I want to take our team all the way."

We also asked his head coach Dan Sanso what stood out most about his starting quarterback this year.

"Brown is one of the best players I have ever been around, and he is very accurate, has a strong arm and is a great leader. He knows what it takes to win."

"I also think that his style most resembles Randall Cunningham."

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