Bobby's Corner

Florida State opened spring practice Tuesday afternoon and, as usual, coach Bobby Bowden chatted to the media following drills. The Seminoles will practice today and Thursday before taking off for spring break. As fans can imagine, Bowden is excited about the Seminoles. "They ran good today (Tuesdsay) and seemed to have a good attitude," Bowden said of the opening session. "I felt mat drills were better organized this year."

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden: <[p> "The key will be if we can get 15 days in, and go light on the injuries, if these kids can go 15 days without getting hurt and improve a little bit everyday, I think we can have a real solid football team.

"Offensive line has got a lot of guys out but that gives a great opportunity for the guys behind them, they need it because a lot of them were freshmen last year."

On DeCody Fagg:

"All I can say is it didn't take me long to find out who he was, I didn't know his number before I came out here, but after watching him catch for about an hour it didn't take me long to figure out which one he was."

On wide receivers:

"They are getting better. It has been four years, they know what they are doing."

On Wyatt Sexton:

"This is not a pressure year because his time has not come yet, but it is a very important year, not only for him but for the team. You'd hate to think your going into the season with one quarterback that's ready. We got to get him (Wyatt) to close that gap, there is room to close it, and he has the tools to close it."

On incoming freshmen quarterbacks this summer:

"They are just not ready, not likely. Nothing would make me happy if one of them walked out there and threw like an upper classman, and maybe that could happen, but I think we need to be really patient with them."

On LB Marcello Church:

"Church isn't a guy you hear much about but he's a dagum football player, I think he won the Virginia Tech game for us when he blocked that punt."

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