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Florida State coach <b>Bobby Bowden</b> said his comments in support of Colorado football coach Gary Barnett were not intended to be derogatory toward any of the women now alleging sexual misconduct by former players at the school. Bowden retiterated Wednesday he was not referring to Katie Hnida, a former walk-on placekicker at Colorado who alleges she was raped by a teammate, when he recently questioned the veracity of allegations about the program.

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden commented on remarks he made that were reported on ESPN. It was said that Bowden made a comment on former Colorado University's female kicker that has alleged she was raped. Coach explained that those comments were taken out of context.

"It was one of those things where you have a general discussion, and I make a statement, and somebody said that I referred it to that girl," Bowden said.

"But that was entirely different from what I was talking about." Although the comments were taken out of context Coach Bowden went on to say that political correctness is not a favorite of his. Coach would prefer to say it how it is, and stand by his word.

"I do not like political correctness I think it is a fallacy of our society" he said referring to the way that sometimes the comments he makes are misinterpreted because everybody is used to hearing the politically correct answer.

He also compared being politically correct to lying, "It's what you want to hear so you won't get mad at me, when sometimes it won't even be the truth." However, he does realize that sometimes being politically correct is important, but thinks it should stay with politics.

Coach Bowden also stated that he still stands by Coach Gary Barnett. Bowden met Barnett when he was coaching with Northwestern and has known him for about ten years. Bowden also knows him socially, through coaches meetings and golf outings.

He said that in the coaching community Barnett would be referred to as, "a class individual." Although he hasn't talked to him since the allegations have come down, Bowden believes all the coaches are pulling for him, because he knows every coach in the nation realizes how quickly things can get out of hand in the media.

He also said its hard to show a recruit what college life is like without taking him out on the town or to a party. But he is sure no coach would approve of letting a player do things that Colorado players and recruits are being accused of.

Bowden believes what is going on now with Colorado does not reflect what is happening all over the country.

The Associated Press rewrote portions of the story and distributed it on its national wire service Tuesday. The AP story generated commentary on ESPN and some national talk radio shows Wednesday.

Stories on Bowden in the other three newspapers did not link the comments in the same context.

Bowden said his comments were intended to be general opinion. He said he was quoted accurately on his support for Barnett and his belief that allegations such as those being charged at Colorado should be immediately forthcoming, not years later.

He said accepts any criticism for speaking his mind.

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