Numbers Game

Florida State cornerback <b>Antonio Cromartie</b> felt Florida State's first scrimmage on Saturday was the ideal opportunity for the defense to atnone for errors it made earlier in the week. For instance, the offense scored five of eight times in goal-line drills on Wednesday. Cromartie, meanwhile, is also excited about the potential of the Seminoles secondary. Click here for the details.

Florida State's secondary is considered a team strength due to numbers and experience.

Antonio Cromartie, for instance, isn't worried about playing time next season in an already stacked defensive secondary.

He is currently listed second on the depth chart behind starting corners Leroy Smith and Bryant McFadden.

"The coaches talk a lot about us rotating a lot and all of us are going to get close to the same amount of plays throughout the ballgame," Cromarite said.

Cromartie has been pulling double duty, running the 4x100 relay on the track team in recent weeks. The 6'5" 205-pounder's stature has been an asset as a cornerback and a sprinter. Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews has had some pointers on how to keep that from being a liability.

"He keeps stressing that, with me being so tall, I need to try and stay low for as long as possible and push my back feet out," Cromartie said.

The corner said that he has added five pounds to his lanky frame since season's end and hope to add another ten before August.

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