Buster Is Making His Move

Redshirt sophomore Buster Davis left his high school career with multiple awards and honors. As a senior for Daytona Beach (Fla.) Mainland, Davis was rated the 8th best linebacker in the country by The Insiders.com. However, Davis hasn't had a smooth transition to the next level. He has been buried on the depth cart with very little playing time. With a fresh outlook and a lot of hard work, the Seminole middle linebacker has a plan on getting over the hump.

Davis redshirted two seasons ago and he spent this last season as a backup to starting linebacker Allen Augustin and Sam Mcgrew. Word is that Davis is having a solid spring and he's been running with the 1st team defense.

"I've been working hard in the off-season program and the coaches and everyone recognized that," Davis said. "So I guess I deserve a chance to be with the first team so I'm going to take full advantage of that."

After strong showing in matt drills and just before spring practice Davis was promoted to first team.

"We got graded every day in matt drills," he said. "The highest score you could get was 24 and I averaged anywhere from 20 to 22."

Davis, who has been discouraged in the past, knew this was a critical time to step up his game.

"I've never been a backup in my whole life before I got here," he said. "I knew this was my time because there have been some older players in front of me the last two years and this year I felt things were wide open."

The sophomore linebacker's hard work has paid dividends so far. In last Saturday's scrimmage, he recorded 10 tackles with a couple going for a loss. What does Davis think he has improved the most on the field?

"The thing that I had to work on the most last year getting off the block," he said. "I‘ve done that well this spring. My quickness and speed have improved since losing some weight. I would also say a strength of mine know is my knowledge of the game because I'm learning a lot from Coach Steele."

Davis has always had the talent but the little things he's working on are making a difference. This past off-season, he's lost 20 pounds and he's in best shape of his career. He's also got a fresh outlook.

"You have to be confident," he said. "But you don't have to let everyone know that you're confident. More so just do it on the field than talk about it."

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