Tale of two halfs

First half of scrimmage was dominated by defense; A.J. Nicholson showed his athletic ability and made plays sideline to sideline. But the second half, it has been a different show which is led by QB Chris Rix.

Rix has been on fire, with approximately 120 yards, hitting the tight ends in the flats.

Paul Irons and Dominic Robinson have played very well.

Lorenzo Booker has received a few sharp passes from Rix in the flats, and looks good … out played Nicholson on one occasion. Booker has not had much room between the tackles because of the defensive penetration.

Clifton Dickson and Chris Bradwell have had good penetration, which is why the offense struggled.

A.J. Nicholson has made many plays in between tackles.

Donnie Carter - nice grab in corner of end zone.

Offense has torn up the defense this half of the scrimmage.

Alex Boston has been real athletic and quick.

Coach Bowden – Enthusiastic scrimmage, defense dominated until the end, short yardage situations. Pass protection was key to today's scrimmage as they are trying piece a spotty offensive line.

Nicholson (54 is all over the place) – Buster Davis did well.

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