Weatherford Is Ready To Get The Party Started

Last year The contacted quarterback <b>Drew Weatherford</b> for his first interview in the recruiting process. After conversing with the 6-foot-2 and 210 pound Land O Lakes star for a few minutes, it was obvious that he was a special talent and person. A little over a year later The Insiders .com No 9 rated quarterback in the country is anxious to get his college career started.

"I'm considering playing in a Florida/Louisiana All-Star game on June 12th at the Disney World complex before heading up to Tallahassee," Weatherford said. "Coach Lilly said it was ok and that we wouldn't be able to move into the dorms until the 20th. I haven't decided what I will do yet though."

Weatherford, who committed last August, told the why the Noles were a perfect fit for him.

"All of the coaches have a strong faith," he said. "All of the coaches are believers. Its starts with Coach Bowden and works its way down the coaching staff. The coaches are a positive influence on me."

Instead of spending his spring break on some sunny beach, Weatherford instead opted for spending his time around his future college team.

"I learned a lot," he said. "One of the graduate assistants walked me through every thing. I learned more from watching practices and sitting in meetings than sitting home studying the playbook. Chris Rix helped me out also."

What were his thoughts on Seminole's performance during the spring?

"The defense looked great," he said. "Guys like Ernie Sims, A.J. Nicholson and Buster Davis were flying around. I was also impressed with safety Roger Williams. I think if we beat Miami then the team has a good shot of winning the National Championship."

Weatherford, who is friends with former Seminole quarterback Casey Weldon, has been helping out the former North Florida Christian graduate with his quarterback camp at Hillsborough high school in Tampa.

"I learned a lot just by instructing," Weatherford said. "I also learned some from Chris Sims who was helping out also. He's a real nice guy. This weekend, I'll head to Tallahassee with Casey Weldon and Brad Johnson to help them run a quarterback camp up year.

Weatherford, who is load of a talent, filled us in on the secret of his success.

"My strength is my leadership," he said. "I'm the first on the field and the last one off. I lead by example."

Seminoles fans need to watch out for Weatherford's little brother (Joe) who will start for the Land O Lakes high school team this year as a sophomore.

"He's already 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds," the elder Weatherford said. "Joe started for the JV team and passed for 14 touchdowns. He was a Gator fan but that has changed now."

Weatherford doesn't know who he'll room with yet once he arrives in town but he does know that he'll be sporting the No. 11 jersey on his Garnet & Gold jersey for the next four to five years.

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