Q&A With DE Coach Jody Allen

With senior <b>Chauncey Davis</b> and <b>Eric Moore</b> starting opposite of each other on the defensive line to go along with rising junior <b>Kamerion Wimbley</b> seeing a lot of playing time in the rotation, the Seminole coaching staff are very optimistic about the pass rush for the upcoming season. The Territory.org caught up with defensive end coach Jody Allen to get his take on how the spring practices went.

How did things go in the spring with the defensive ends? Did anyone turn the corner or is there any noticeable difference from last year?

We're improving. They're definitely improving. There's a lot go effort out there and good focus with concentration. We don't have anyone hurt at the defensive end position which probably the only position that didn't lose a guy in the spring.

With Chauncey Davis and Eric Moore running first string are they firmly No.1 or is it close?

I would say they are firmly planted although Kamerion Wimbley, a guy who played a lot last year, is backing up both sides and he's a very capable back up to either one of them right now. There are three guys right now giving the experience really should've separated themselves. With there experience, they have.

What about some of the young guys like Darrell Burston and Alex Boston? How are they coming along?

They are coming along well. All four of them are making strides and you can see a little improvement every day. Alex is very powerful. He's still green in terms of knowing what to do and being smooth doing it. His footwork isn't good yet. He's not real good using his hands yet. He's very powerful and as he gets better he's going to be a fine player. Darrell on the other hand is a little more polished because he's been here. It will be his third year coming up. He'll be playing as a redshirt sophomore. He's doing a lot of the little things right. He still needs to get bigger and a little stronger. He's playing a lot better than last year and he's making strides.

How's Willie Jones coming along?

He's come back from injury to have a good spring. He's making strides. He's been here three years but really only played one year because of injuries. He's trying to knock off some of the rust. He's got bigger and stronger.

Is there any one player that might come in on third downs like Willie Jones? Is one the top pass-rushers in the unit?

That's the best thing he does right now. He's got a knack for pass rushing. What Willie is working hard on right now is all the components of it to be a well rounded guy to play all downs that's what Willie wants to do. Right now we don't have a designated pass rusher so to speak. We just to get them all as good as they can get.

With the injury to Willie Jones, have noticed a difference with burst or speed?

Willie has pretty much rehabilitated himself. When I mentioned that he was knocking the rust off, it's more of recognition and staying low. Doing the things that don't come naturally to people. Good football players have to do it. You have to kind of get back into the swing of those things when you been out a while. In terms of his burst and speed, I don't think any less from the wear and tear he has.

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