KI Is Ready To Rock & Roll

Having accomplished nearly anything and everything a high school athlete could hope to undertake, <b>Kenny Ingram</b> is chomping at the bit to take it to the next level. With 6A state title in basketball under and strong run in football playoffs under his belt, the safety hopes his impact will add some ACC and, hopefully, national titles to his impressive list of accolades.

"I'm ready to get to college. I'm ready for the challenge. I'm ready to rock and roll," Ingram said after a weight room session.

Ingram said that ever since his Florida State workout program arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, his preparation his been borderline obsessive. The combination of weight and agility training has provided the first in what a long line of challenges for the talented safety should.

"Man, that's all I do right now," he said. "I'm really concentrating hard on trying to improve myself as much as I can before I get up there."

Ingram will have to wait a bit longer than some of his peers. Since the classes he is enrolled for don't begin until the Summer C session, he won't be in Tallahassee until June 28th, after a dead week in voluntary summer conditioning. But he hasn't ruled out day trips in the meantime.

"I'll have two classes then so I'll be able to put a lot of energy into those two hours a day that we get."

Teammate and Cousin Willie Jones wears Ingram's No. 6 but that's not a huge deal to him. Any single digit number, if available, will do. But after Jones moves on?

"I'd love to wear (six) after he has moved on," Ingram said. "But if I have a huge year wearing my new number, I might just have to stick with that."

A huge year in any number and the hard work will have paid dividends.

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