Noles Get Good News

One of the top players in South Florida and in the entire country got a high enough score on the ACT test to qualify academically. The Miami standout will join his Seminole teammates in June for informal workouts.

Florida State fans and coaches alike received a dose of good news Friday, when it was learned that four-star corner J.R. Bryant earned a high enough ACT score to qualify academically. Bryant will enroll June 28th for the Summer C session and will participate in summer conditioning workouts.

Bryant took the test April 3 and was informed earlier in the week. How well did he do?

"Just well enough to qualify," Bryant told "It's a great feeling to have this done."

Early Friday evening, a source close to the program confirmed that the corner had indeed qualified.

Bryant estimated that his GPA is in the 2.6-2.7 range and he felt there wouldn't be any reason that it would change significantly when his spring classes are figured in.

The No. 5 rated cornerback in the nation also said he's been aggressively hitting the weight room ever since he received his FSU program in the mail a few weeks ago.

"I go to the gym everyday at nine in the morning," Bryant said. "I've been pushing myself."

Bryant, who said that he plans to room with fellow corner Trevor Ford, will come to campus a few days before classes start. He was unsure when Ford would make the move.

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