Recruiting Board Update

It's no secret that recruiting is a year-around business. Naturally, Florida State is busy evaluating recruits and making offers. For a closer look at the Seminoles' offensive recruting board, click here for news and observations from Territory recruiting analyst <b>Charles Fishbein.</b> Up next: Defense.

Quarterback (0-1 sign)
With Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford signed in February, Florida State will be looking for someone to come in and wait his turn and be a solid back up. I think we pass on a quarterback this year. Still, here's a peek at quality quarterbacks attracting national interest.

Ryan Perrilloux
Chance of signing with FSU Low. He is going to camp at FSU but unless he wants to move to another position he wont be coming to FSU. Texas and LSU lead.
Carlton Hill
Chance of Signing Low. He wants to play early and that pretty much knocks us out of the picture. He will probably go out of state.
Harrison Beck
Chance of signing medium. If there is a prospect who fits the mold of a backup Beck is it. He is a solid quarterback that lacks the powerful arm. He is a Wyatt Sexton type quarterback.
Jarrett Brown
Chance of Signing Low. Of all the quarterbacks I have seen so far in the state of Florida, I like him the most. He has a throwing motion that is smooth and his ball is very catchable. North Carolina State is the leader for his services. Grew up a Seminole fan.

Running Back (1-2)
The Seminoles are looking to sign one big back and the other one will be more of a scat back.
Antone Smith
Chance of signing medium. Right now Smith is the top back in Florida if not the nation. He is in the Travis Henry mold of running back but with more speed. FSU is in his top five and will be one of the schools he chooses from. Miami, Florida, NC State, Michigan and Va Tech are the other schools he has interest in.
Maurice Wells
Chance of signing medium. Wells is one of the scat backs that we are recruiting this year. He has great speed but his lack of size is a concern to me. Ohio State and FSU are the two teams that lead for Wells.

Paul Ohara
Chance of signing medium. FSU wants a big back and Ohara fits the mold. I would like us to go after Ohara more than Smith and Wells because he has the size you need at running back. With Lamar Lewis and Lorenzo Booker on the roster FSU needs a bigger back to rely on. O'Hara fits that mold. FSU and Florida are the top two teams.
Coredge Collins
Chance of signing high. Right now Collins is one player were are after hard. He is a real nice back that is in the Greg Jones and Sean Jackson mold of running backs. Some teams are recruiting Collins as a fullback but not FSU. He likes FSU and may camp there this summer.
Matt Dunham
Committed to FSU. He could also play LB or S at FSU.

With Craphonso Thorpe, Chauncey Stovall and Dominic Robinson leaving following this season, FSU needs three receivers.
Fred Rouse
Chance of signing high. I hate to call any prospect a lock but Rouse is a Seminole if today was National Signing Day.. He loves FSU and built a relationship up Xavier Lee.
Jessie Hester
Chance of signing high. Hester may have not been offered yet but FSU may wait to at least the camp this summer to see what he can do. Hester is a talented receiver but he needs to get bigger and stronger. Transferred to Belle Glade.
C.J. Byrd
Chance of signing high.Byrd has quickly moved up my list and is one of the top players in the country. As a receiver he has the size and speed to be a star. He also is very similar to Kenny Phillips from Carol City.
Mike Moore
Chance of signing low. Moore passes the look test but when it comes to his skills he is very raw. At the camp I went to Moore did not run real crisp routes and fought the ball when trying to catch it. If he is offered it will be because of his ability to also play safety. He already has the body to play as a freshman on special teams.
Derrick Williams
Chance of signing medium. Williams is right up there with Rouse as the top WR prospect in the country. He is one player that is a game changer. He is a bigger version of Tamarick Vanover. FSU is in the game for this big time prospect lets hope we are there in the end.
Others of Interest
Desean Jackson, Eric Huggins, Louis Murphy.

Tight End (1-2)
With a need for a tight end FSU will likely bring in one prospect this year. They could sign as many as two in this class.
Richard Gordan
Chance of signing medium. When you meet Gordon in person he is one player that catches your eye. He has great size and is very athletic. With his ability to play defensive end as well as tight end Gordon is someone to keep and eye on this year. He has the frame to add more weight and be a solid defensive end. LSU and Florida will be our biggest comp for Gordon services.
Others of Interest
Patrick Turner, Jerimichael Finley, Travis Beckam and Zipp Duncan.

Offensive Lineman (3)
With five signed in February, FSU coaches will look to bring only the best this year. Only 2-3 lineman could end up in this year's class.
Matt Hardrick
Chance of signing high. Last year when I watched Edgewater play Hardrick may have been the best player on the field. He has good technique and is real strong at the point of attack. FSU will compete with UM for his services and in the end he should be a Seminole.
Chris Barney
Chance of signing low.Barney is one of the best lineman in florida this year. There is one problem for Seminoles fans he grew up a huge canes fan. He may already be committed to the Canes. It will be interesting to see if Coach Steele can turn this big guy. My money is on Barney signing with UM.
Eugene Monroe
Chance of signing low. We are not even listed in his top five. He is supposed to camp at FSU this summer. Miami, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan will be the teams to beat. Not very promising if your looking to signing this guy.
Others of Interest
Simon Codrington, Brandon Keith, Chris Scott, Richard Clark, Reginald Youngblood and Chris Dearmas.

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