Mike Holmgren said. "Until we feel he cannot do that, he's going to be at that position." "> Mike Holmgren said. "Until we feel he cannot do that, he's going to be at that position." ">

A Different View

<b>Michael Boulware</b> had hoped to play safety during his senior season at Florida State in preparation for the NFL. Boulware, however was too valuable at linebacker for the Seminoles. Well, Boulware now faces a challenge in moving from FSU linebacker to NFL safety. "We are committed to moving him to strong safety," Seattle caoch <b>Mike Holmgren</b> said. "Until we feel he cannot do that, he's going to be at that position."

Michael Boulware has changed positions in the NFL.

As expected.

Boulware, an outside linebacker for the Florida State Seminoles, was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL draft with the 21st pick (53 overall) in the second round. He was the first FSU player drafted.

Boulware was picked following a telephone conversation with the Seahawks, who asked if he was willing to play safety. Boulware had hinted the same position change for his senior season at FSU, but the coaching staff felt he was too valuable at outside linebacker.

Boulware welcomed the position change.

"I really think that's fitting for my body (type)," Boulware said.

So far so good for Boulware.

The Seahawks won't gather as a team again until the final minicamp that begins June 7, but the off-season conditioning program continues.

Boulware is making good use of his time, stressing strength, speed and footwork.

Boulware looked the part of safety during the team's recent minicamp. He was wearing a safety's number (28). He also has the size and speed, closing in on tight ends and receivers during drills.

However, he also experienced his share of growing pains, finding himself out of position and unsure of his reads.

"I was trying to figure out what stance I was supposed to be in," Boulware said.

"I would get in a linebacker stance sometimes and then I would get in a safety stance sometimes. I'm definitely unsure about a lot of things, and hopefully it will clear up for me.

"I've definitely got a little catching up to do. But I'm not as far behind as I thought I was going to be."

Seattle coach Mike Holgrem is confident in Boulware's ability. Older brother Peter switched from college defensive end at FSU to Pro Bowl linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens.

"Athletically, he can do this," Holmgren told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. "The challenge will be playing farther away from the football."

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