Noles Offer VA Athlete

One the top athletes in the country reside in Highland Springs (VA) and he have offers from 50 college programs in the country, including Florida, Florida State and Miami. What's the latest on his recruitment?

"I got 50 offers right now," running back/cornerback Victor Harris said. "Florida State is recruiting me as an athlete, Miami told me I could play anyplace I want and Florida told me that they wan the ball in my hands."

Harris is a very exciting player on both offense and defense. As a junior he rushed for 2,210 yards and 37 touchdowns. On defense he picked up 40 tackles and several passes broken up.

"My preference is to have the ball in my hand," the 6-foot-0 and 186 pound standout with 4.45 speed said. . "Although, not too many cornerbacks have my height and speed. I'll play anywhere on the field."

This summer Harris will visit six or seven southern schools unofficially. He would like to narrow his list of schools to 10-12 before his season starts but he didn't want to speculate on any teams at this time.

Highland Springs has been considered somewhat a pipeline to Virginia Tech. Will Harris follow some of his former teammates to Blacksburg?

"Because it's been a successful place for some of the guys from my school, it would be a good choice for me," he said. "However, I have to do what's best for me. It's going to be my decision and I'm going to do what I want to do."

Michigan and Miami could also be two programs that make his list at the end of summer. Because he grew up watching Miami and Michigan, both schools will most likely make his list at the end of summer.

What factors will play into his final decision?

"I'm looking for a school with strong academics, a favorable depth chart, good coaching, players that I can bond with and a school with the major that I would like to pursue."

Many would describe Harris as lighting in a bottle. What does he think?

"On defense, I would say my style is a lot like Ray Lewis," he said. "I really get after the ball like Miami's Sean Taylor. On offense my style is a lot like Emmett Smith's."

Harris is an excellent student who carries a 2.8 grade point average and a score of 940 on the SAT test.

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