100 FL Names to Watch

It's early in the year and things will change but here is a pre-season top 100 list in Florida this year. See where Avery Atkins (right), Fred Rouse, Bryan Evans and others rank.

1) Fred Rouse- WR (Tallahassee Lincoln)- Rouse and Kenny Phillips are 1a and 1b in the state of Florida. Rouse ability to change a game on one play makes him the top player in the state.

2) Kenny Phillips- S (Carol City)When you look at the landscape of pro and college football the safety position is quickly becoming one of the most important positions on the field. Phillips has great size, speed and he hits like a truck.

3) Avery Atkins- CB (Mainland) One thing every college coach is looking for is a cover corner. At 5'11 Atkins has the size and with sub 4.5 speed he is the ideal CB prospect.

4) Bryan Evans- CB (Ed White)- Like with Atkins, Evans plays a position that is one of the most important in college football. Evans is a great athlete and can also line up as a safety as well.

5) Ricky Jean Francois- DE- (Carol City)- One thing that stands out about RJ is how strong he is. Francois is extremely strong in the upper body and has a great initial burst off the football.

6) Antone Smith- RB- (Pahokee)- Smith does not have ideal size 5'9. But with his speed and quickness he is capable of changing a game on one play.

7) Matt Hardrick-OT-(Edgewater)- When I watched Edgewater play last season it was to go and see Kenny Ingram and Aaron Jones. Well the one player that stood above all the rest was Hardrick.

Eugene Hayes-LB-(Madison)- When you look at size, speed and quickness not too many linebackers match up with Hayes. He is explosive to the football and once Hayes gets to their ball carrier he pays the price.

9) Maurice Wells-RB-(Sandalwood)- On some boards Wells is the top running back in the state of Florida. He has the speed and quickness to be a game breaker. The only question is whether or not he can carry the football 20+ times a game in college.

10) Chris Barney- OT-(Northwestern)-This past April Vernon Carey went in the first round of the NFL Draft. From those around NW Barney may have even more upside than the former bull. He moves extremely well for someone his size. Needs to learn to play hard all the time.

11) Spencer Atkins- LB-(Naples)-As a defensive end last year Adkins was one of the quickest players I saw off the ball. He has a great first step and once in the backfield it's already too late for the opposing offense to do anything about it. If he can make a successful transition to linebacker Atkins may slip into the top ten.

12) Neffy Moffett-LB-(Palm Bay)- Moffet is another one of those talented defensive ends that will have to make the transition to linebacker. When it comes to play making ability on the field not too many players match up with Moffett.

13) Quinton Taylor-LB-(Apoka)- Taylor plays RB and LB in college. He will most likely make his impact at linebacker in college. He is already one of the more athletic linebackers in the country. Speed and quickness is what separates Taylor from others that play the linebacker position.

14) Deemetrice Morley-S-(Killian)- Morley was not a well known name to start the spring off but once this season is complete he could be a top ten prospect. He has great size, speed and the attitude to be a top flight defensive back.

15) Ronnie Wilson- OG-(Ely)- Barney and Hardrick get the entire pub but by the end of the 2004 season it's Wilson that may move to the top of the list. He moves as well as any offensive lineman in the country. He plays with a mean streak that college scouts will love. Wilson talks smack on the field and backs it up by pounding the opposition into the ground.

16) Jessie Hester-WR-(Belle Glades)-Hester is a good route runner and once in the open field is a good bet to take it the distance. He needs to work on getting better separation from defensive backs.

17) Eric Sledge-S-(Apoka)- Sledge is not a finished product but with his size and speed college scouts will be watching him this fall to see if he lives up to his potential. Sledge has great upside and that is why he is a top 20 player in Florida.

18) Paul Ohara-S-Ohara is the third best running back in state but that may not be the position he plays in college. It looks like O'Hara will make the move to safety in college.

19) Jeff Owens-DT-(Plantation)- Owens has not gotten much hype of late but he did have double digit sacks last season. If he can duplicate that success this year Owens will be one of most heavily recruited defensive tackles in the country this year.

20) Vlad Richard-DT-(Piper)-At 6-5 255 pounds Vlad has the frame to get even bigger and make the move to the inside. His ability to play defensive end and tackle makes Richard one of the top prospects in Florida.

21) John Demps-DE-(Pensacola)- At 6'4 225 pounds Demps may outgrow the linebacker position once he gets to college. He does not have great lateral quickness but once Demps gets to the ball carrier he can do some damage.

22) Elijah Hodge-LB-(Dillard)- Hodge brother Abdul is a first team All-Big Ten conference linebacker. As good as Abdul has been Elijah may be even better. He is more athletic than his brother Abdul and Elijah has a great nose for the football. He is similar to John Vilma who played at UM.

23) Chris Chancellor-CB-(Edison)- Chancellor is not the biggest or fastest cornerback but his ball skills are second to none. In his jamboree against NW he had two interceptions and shut down his side of the field. He is also one of the top open field tacklers as well.

24) Carlton Hill- QB- It's not a great year for quarterbacks in Florida but Hill is probably they best. He has great athletic ability and has cannon for an arm.

25) Kalvin Bailey- FB- Fullbacks are usually not the type of players you rate this high but Bailey special. He is a 250 pound fullback that runs like someone half his size. He is also one of the best blocking backs on the board.

26) Dustin Forston-SLB-(Northwestern)-Forston led Dade County with quarterback sacks last year with over 20. He has a great first step off the ball and is very difficult for most offensive tackles to handle. He is being recruited as a SLB in college.

27) Mike Moore-WR-(North Broward Prep)- Moore is a player that has seen his stock goes through the roof of late. He has great size and with sub 4.6 speed he is able to get deep on most defenses. He has a ton of upside and will only get better once Moore gets to the next level.

28) Eddie Haupt- OG-(Merritt Island)-Haupt is a run blocking fool right now. He is not real quick off the football and against quicker defensive lineman may have problems. He is best suited to teams that will like to run the football. His pass blocking needs improvement.

29) Antonio Turner- FB- (Edgewater)- Turner is one of many talented players on Edgewater this fall. He has the quickness of most tailbacks and the size of a fullback.

30) Antwaun Cox-CB- (Killian)- If you want a sleeper prospect in the state this year look no further than Cox. He has great technique and matches up well in man coverage. He is real competitive and won't back down from anyone.


1) Devin Giles-DB-(Tampa). He has the size to play safety and the speed to line up at CB. Teams are looking for bigger cornerbacks that can match up against the bigger and stronger receivers that now are part of the college football landscape. That why Giles will be recruited so hard.

32) Richard Gordon-TE/DE- (Norland)- Gordon has the versatility to play TE and Defensive end at the next level. Physically there is not a more imposing looking football player this year.

33) Chris Singleton-DB-(Ft. Myers Dunbar)-SPEED, SPEED AND MORE SPEED. Singleton was the second fastest player in the state last year. He is not a finished project and will only get better on defense.

34) Dorian Munroe- DB- (Coral Reef)- Munroe is being recruited as a safety and cornerback. He will line up as a running back this fall and will also play receiver as well. He is a playmaker and that is the thing that stands out most with Munroe.

35) Walter McFadden-CB- (Ely)-McFadden is 6'1 and runs in the 4.3 range. That a lethal combination for a cornerback. He is raw but you can't overlook his upside.

36) Gerald Williams-DE-(Boyd Anderson)- Williams stands at 6'4 and weighs over 225 pounds. He has the frame to weigh in the 250-260 pound range once he gets to college. He is another player that has not even come close to being a finished product.

37) Conredge Collins-RB/FB-(Pace)- Last year Collins has over 1400 yards and double digits in touchdowns. He is a big runner that does not try and juke defensive backs. He will try and run through you first.

38) Jarvis Hicks-DB- Deerfield Beach- Hicks plays linebacker for his high school team but a move to SS is most likely at the next level. He finds the football and is able to blow plays up. He is another player that stock should continue to rise this fall.

39) Louis Murphy-WR-(Tampa)- Murphy may be the best camp receiver in the state of Florida. He goes to every camp possible and shines at all of them. Louis has good size, runs solid routes and has very good hands. He does not get great separation and is more of a possession receiver than a deep threat.

40) Harrison Beck- QB- Beck is not real big 6'2 and lacks the great arm most scouts look for in a quarterback. He does have good touch and is a student of the game.

41) OJ Murduch- WR- Murduch has great speed and once in the open field is gone. He runs mostly fly patterns for his offense so OJ must learn to go over the middle.

42) Kendrick Stewart-DT-(Lakeland)- This is not a great year for DT but Stewart is worth a look. He has good size and is quick off the football. He is not a great pass rusher but against the run is stout.

43) AJ Trump- OG-(CCC)- Trump best attribute is he is real light on his feet. He may be the best pulling lineman on the board. He moves well in space and has nice footwork. He is another real good lineman to keep and eye on this year.

44) Tommie Duhart- DE/DT-(Belle Glades)- Duhart has played DE and TE for Glades Central. He most likely will move inside at the next level. He is a real nice athlete that seems to make plays when on the field.

45) Courtney Harris- DE/DT-(Jupiter)-Harris is one of the few big defensive ends in Florida this year. Harris already has the size you look for in a defensive end.

46) Bruce Johnson- S/CB- (Suwanee)- Johnson was a name that came out of nowhere recently. He can play every defensive back position and that will draw some attention from college recruiters.

47) Quinton Andrews-S-(PACE)- Andrews is the type of player you watch and walk away impressed. He is a FOOTBALL PLAYER. He is not fast and is not very quick so that will hurt his stock. He just seems to make plays.

48) Brian Ellis-TE-(Mainland)- Ellis is an athletic tight end that was more like a receiver in Daytona offense last season.

49) Demetri Stewart-LB-(Northeast)- Stewart is a solid football player but the hype recently has gotten out of hand. He played defensive end last year and is now making the transition to linebacker. The one thing that stands out is Stewart just does not make plays. Potential is great but it's usually what gets coaches fired.

50) RJ Anderson- DB- Anderson is another versatile player on the board that can play WR, S or CB. He is not in the top tier of defensive backs but Anderson will draw a lot of attention this year.

51) Kevin Smith- S/RB- (Southridge)- Smith measured in at the Rutgers camp at 6'1 and close to 200 pounds. He plays with the attitude that you see from South Florida football players. He is sometimes overly aggressive and on defense that could get him in trouble.

52) Avery Vogt- LB-(Coral Reef)- Vogt is a name that not many have heard of but that will change after his senior season. Vogt plays like a mad man on the field and just makes plays. He is a 6'2 230 pound defensive end that will most likely play MLB in college.

53) Garrord Sinclair-DB-(Mandarin)- Sinclair teammate last year Tony Carter was one of the top players in Florida last year. This year Sinclair is trying to make a name for him.

54) Jarrett Brown- QB- Palm Beach Lakes- Brown has one of the smoothest deliveries of any quarterback I have seen this year. He can make almost any throw. Last year in one game he went 25-25 in one game so accuracy is not a problem.

55) Kimbrick Baker- WR- (Jackson)- When you look for someone that will compete to the end than Baker is your guy. He does not have blazing speed but Baker has gets open. He has good hands and runs solid routes.

56) Eddie Tabasky- C- Mainland 57) Marvin Sapp- LB 58) Garrett White- LB- Norland 59) Antuan Lewis- OG 60) Andrew Atkins-CB- Tampa Leto 61) Garry Watts- DE- Norland 62) Simon Codrington-OT- South Miami 63) Johnny Holmes- LB Rockledge 64) Reggie St. Pierre- DT- Central 65) Jamar Chaney-LB 66) Matt Lewis- DT- Mainland 67) Neal Jones-DT- Orlando Evans 68) Cedric McGee –Plantation 69) Tavares Knight WR-Tallahassee 70) Marco Greco Ath. Cardinal Gibbons 71) Robin Lindor-OG- Edison 72) Terrell Hampton-DE- Killian 73) Adam Coffee-Ath. NW 74) Baxter Grisby- LB- Boynton Beach 75) Laron King-LB- Northwestern 76) Richard Clark-C- Seabreeze 77) Oscar Gonzalez-OL-Hialeah 78) Chris Dearmas-OL- Southwest HS 79) Artis Wharten-LB- Miramar 80) Alex Suber-Ath- Jefferson 81) CJ Francis-RB- Delray Atlantic 82) Omar Alexander-WR- Northwestern 83) John Gardner-WR 84) Michael Holten-TE-Ely 85) Richard Goodman- STA 86)Jamal Eugene-RB-Naples 87) Randy Phillips-DB- Glades Central 88) Lavonte Jackson-DE- Chaminade 89) Ty Witherspoon- Ath. Madison 90) Kevin Miller-OG- Northeast 91) Joshua Walker-DB- Jefferson 92) Jorge Fernandez- QB- Westminster Christian 93) Orlando Deschappel- LB South Dade 94) Demarick Chancellor-Ath. Edison 95) TJ Williams- Ath. 96) Jeff Griffin-OL 97) Chris Sands-OT 98) Jimmy Avery-DE 99) Ian Bustillo-C 100) Gavin Grigg-FB

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