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Turnout for the first day of summer conditioning was impressive given that many players use the first half of the summer as a chance to go home and see family. Over 60 Seminoles braved some rainy weather to take part in the hour-long workout.

Led by the strength and conditioning staff, five groups of players roatated through different agility stations.

A trio of young Noles stood out on Day 1. Believe or not, Ernie Sims found a way to get bigger. Sims looked like he's put on 10 or so pounds since spring. Look for an update later this week.

Mario Henderson's agility was eye-opening. For a player of his stature, he weaved through one exercise with the nimble feet of a tight end. He was clearly the fastest of the OL but still has some room in his frame to add more bulk.

Joslin Shaw and senior Dominic Robinson also showed impressive quickness in the same drill - one where the player must shuffle while staying low under a set of bars. With his lower center of gravity, he was a step quicker tan the other recivers.

Cro Thorpe and David Castillo workout. Thorpe particpated in every drill while Castillo was forced to complete a personal routing while still recovering from numerous nagging injuries. The senior said he was forced to stop squatting in October last year and looks ofrward to building up his strength again.

He, too, was impressed with the turnout.

"There's no excuses this year," Castillo said. "We have five starters returning on the line. We have a fifth year senior taking the snaps and two of the most explosive backs in the nation."

"This is what we have to get done to win a national championship. Everyone has made it a point to get on guys from their positions who aren't making it out."

Corner Bryant McFadden echoed that notion.

"Coming out here as a team is something we've made a point of these last two summers," he said. "This is what it takes."

AJ Nicholson, who had his knee scoped after spring, attended but did not take part.

A partial list of players spotted: Chris Rix, Cro Thorpe, Leon Washington (up to 197 pounds), BJ Dean, Matt Henshaw, Donnie Carter, Joslin Shaw, Dominic Robinson, Chauncey Stovall, Mario Henderson, Ron Lunford, David Castillo, Bobby Meeks, David Overmyer, Travis Johnson, Charles Howard, Chauncey Davis, Buster Davis, Ernie Sims, A.J. Nicholson, Ray Piquon, B.J. Ward, Kyler Hall, Antonio Cromartie, Jerome Carter, Chase Goggans, Bryant McFadden, Broderick Bunkley, and Rodney Gallon (update soon).

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