Booker's Back

After a day in the turf room, the sky's cleared Wednesday evening to allow the Seminoles to get in another day of agility training on the practice fields. Most notable were Lorenzo Booker and Chris Davis sightings.

Led by strength and conditioning coach John Jost and his staff, about 70 players completed the hour-long workout. After some form running and stretching, they rotated through five agility stations before heading home. About 20 Noles stayed for some passing drills.

Ernie Sims was impressive again, showing off his great speed and leaping ability. He was also seen showing the ropes to incoming freshman Rodney Gallon.

"It's important for young guys to get out here and learn the system," he said. If they're not here, by the time fall comings they're attling from behind. Last year I was the only guy coming in at linebacker and being around here early helps."

Sims said he's up to about 220 and wants to add another ten by season's start. He was impressed with teammate Lorenzo Booker's claim to a 4.33 40 while working out at Titus Academy over the break.

I'm real close," he said. If I go out there and I have some quick feet I bet I could match that."

Speaking of Booker, the sophomore made his first appearance of the summer after missing the first two sessions. Booker said that - somehow - he's managed to pack on about 15 pounds (194 now, but he's topped 200) yet shed a tenth of a second off his 40.

He credits his dedication to offseason lifting.

"If started off as just me, Cro and Ernie Sims out there at Leon High," he said. "But more guys started hearing about it and came out. The program is unbelievable."

"Being out here now is what it takes. It's hot and its hard work but it pays off. Last season at North Carolina I could have run the ball a hundred times. With Miami coming up, we need to be in great condition. It's gonna be dark but still pretty humid. Be have to come to play especially because of how much more this game means."

Jost said that Wednesdays are going to be the easier days to allow for sore bodies to rest throughout the summer. FSU will workout again tomorrow before breking until next Monday.

Some new faces spotted: Chris Davis, Marcello Church. Check back for further updates.

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