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In preparation for the upcoming NBA draft, former Florida State shooting guard <b>Tim Pickett</b> traveled to Chicago to take part in the league's annual pre-draft camp. Pickett was one of 65 hand-picked college, high school and foreign players invited to take part in the workouts, generally a proving ground for players without a solid draft status.

Reviews were mixed concerning Florida State shooting guard Tim Pickett.

Coming in, there were high hopes for the All-America honorable mention.

"Recent talk has Pickett pushing himself into the first-round picture with strong workouts," wrote Rob Rehueser of NBA.com last week.

"He certainly doesn't lack confidence. Like Desmon Farmer in Portsmouth, Pickett's energy was apparent the moment he stepped on the floor. He didn't shoot the ball particularly well during the course of drills, but it's plain to see he'll be a factor as the week goes on."

The problem was, his shooting woes continued from the drills into the three games he played in front of scouts at Moody Bible College. The traditionally streaky Pickett finished that stretch 6-of-24 from the field and 3-for-16 from beyond the arc.

Pickett did impress with his trademark hustle, snaring several steals and getting after a loose ball in the second game.

But was it enough to salvage his second round projection in most mocks?

"Possibly," Sports Illustrated draft analyst Chris Monter told The Territory via e-mail.

"But the thing about him to me is that what he does best is shoot and he struggled in that area in Chicago. Teams usually like to go big in the second round, which could hurt him. He measured just 6'3" without his shoes on."

Pickett was listed at 6'4", 207 pounds at FSU and weighed in at exactly 207 in Chicago.

"He shot 4-of-10, 1-of-4 and 1-of-10 from the field in his three games," Monter said.

"He was 3-of-16 from three-point range, including 0-for-8 in the final game. He had four rebounds, nine assists and 15 points in three games."

It was also reported that Pickett's late-season ankle problems and some minutes at point guard compounded his troubles.

"Pickett's experiment playing the point has been a disaster," writes ESPN.com draft analyst Chad Ford.

"He needs to be coming off screens and hitting 3s, not trying to run a basketball team. His stock has probably dipped here."

Added Rob Givony of NBA.com:

"People around him have been touting him as a first rounder to whoever is willing to listen but the objective people - those most familiar with game, the ones who've watched him play and workout for teams - know that that's not a very realistic goal.

"Six-three shooting guards with limited ball-handling skills usually don't get drafted in the first round, especially in such a deep draft. We just hope that Pickett isn't setting himself up for a huge disappointment on draft night, one that he may not be able to recover from fast enough to prove himself in summer league. Everyone loves the way he plays the game, but showing up late for workouts and chatting on his cell phone isn't going to help him out too much.

"This camp did nothing but hurt him, he went from a solid 2nd rounder to a bubble pick."

Monter said that whether or not Pickett, hears his name called on June 24th, he'll find his way onto an NBA roster and be an asset – even if he has just limited duties to start with.

"I don't seem him as more than role player," Monter said.

Pickett was named first team All-ACC after leading the Seminoles to wins over five ranked teams and their first postseason appearance in six years. In the NIT, his double-clutch buzzer-beater at Wichita State forced overtime in a game FSU won in double overtime. The Seminoles lost to Iowa State at home in the second round.

Here are some current mock projections: 39th to Chicago (NBADraft.net), Late Second (InsideHoops.com), 38th to Atlanta (CollegeHoopsNet.com).

Pickett's teammates in Chicago included: Trevor Ariza-UCLA, Brian Boddicker-Texas, Andre Brown-DePaul, Marcus Douthit-Providence, Andre Emmett-Texas Tech, Matt Freije-Vanderbilt, Arthur Johnson-Missouri, Ivan Koljevic Buducnost- Serbia-Montenegro, Pape Sow-Cal State Fullerton, Rashad Wright-Georgia.

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