Collective Efforts

For the second straight day, FSU was forced to take in inside for conditioning. The skies did clear in time for recievers Dominic Robinson and Lorne Sam to catch some Chris Rix passes outdoors.

Indoors again. But that didn't stop around 50 players from completing some sprinting in the turf room Tuesday afternoon.

The rains did clear up after six and quarterbacks Chris Rix and Jared Whipkey made their way to the practice fields to toss around a little bit with recievers Lorne Sam and Dominic Robinson.

Sam said he was looking forward to getting back where he left off after spring practices.

I've been working at the YMCA the first six weeks of summer and haven't been able to get much better. I'm finally getting out here moving around. Feels good."

Sam said he had bulked up to 220 but the last few weeks of working out have trimmed him to 210 and that he plans to keep it that way.

"The first couple of days when we were outside, I was dropping alot of stuff. Right now I just want to focus on my route running and get a little quicker."

With the seniors now gone, Sam said he has noticed a change in the leadership heirarchy of the team. Where there is few, there are now many.

"We've taken it on together," he said. "The whole team has been speaking out and making everyone else accountable. We've taken it one together to get guys out here who haven't been here. It's got to be more than just one guy. It's a team attitude."

And with the change in leadership comes a change in mentality.

"The biggest difference is expectations," he said. "We feel like we're the best team out there."

"Plus we have a test right off. Guys are more focus since we're jumping right in with Miami. If we get a win like that, it'll roll over the next few weeks."

Robinson was focused on something more in the immediate future. A diehard Lakers fan, the rising senior said he had a date with ABC later on tonight.

"I'm a little worried since they haven't been in a situation like this before," he said. "But they'll pull throuh. I know they will."

The Diamond Bar, Calif. native said its been tough watching Karl Malone play on one leg and watch the media speculate about the demise of a team with four future Hall-of-Famers.

"Malone's held us togehter this year. He's been who we are. Win this one and we'll be at home and it'll be on."

FSU will run again tomorrow and Thursday and Friday before the dead week. Strength and conditioning staff expects that as many as 20 incoming freshman will report and begin to work out next week.

Check back for further updates.

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