Short and Simple

<p>The weather finally cooperated Wednesday and the Florida State football team took full advantage of it. After completing a brisk one-hour conditioning session, nearly 50 players stayed behind to partake in throwing and agility exercises.<p>

While Chris Rix and his full compliment of wide recievers took on members of the defense, Travis Johnson and several of the defensive linemen worked on some plyometrics and techniques.

Johnson gave youngsters Clifton Dickson and Chris Bradwell pointers on how he beats offensive linemen. Then the unit - along with Willie Jones, Chauncey Davus, Charles Howard and Kamerion Wimbley - took turns going up against each other and trying out different moves.

Meanwhile, it was apparent Rix and company had a clear-cut objective in mind for the day - keep it short, keep it simple.

Rix threw some flares and out-and-up routes to Leon Washington and B.J. Dean out of the backfield. Though Washington was able t obeat his man more when he got the ball, it was Dean who had an easier time making his catches.

"Any way I can touch the ball is a plus," Washington said. "We're working on becoming pass catchers."

Tight ends Matt Root and Donnie Carter were effective against linebackers, running some outs, quick hitches and seam patterns. Carter, especially, was finding the ball well. He made one nice over-the-shoulder catch on a touch pass Rix floated to him on a seam route.

With the exception of Willie Reid, who is expected to return after the dead week next week, nearly every reciever stayed behind Wednesday. Dominic Robinson, Chauncey Stovall, Craphonso Thorpe, Lorne Sam, Joslin Shaw and company concentrated on short out routes, hitches and quick slants. Sam made a nice grab with Antonio Cromartie draped on him one play.

"This is good for us, going up against our own guys," Sam said. "Bryant, Ant and Leroy - they are as good or better as what Miami has. If we can get off the ball against them, if feel like we'll be alright."

Speaking of Leroy Smith, he was sighted again. Smith made his first appearance of the spring yesterday.

FSU will practice again tomorrow before taking next week off per NCAA requirements. WCTV's Lee Gordon will partake in some station work with the team as a part of a feature he's working on.

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