Xavier Arrives

With the majority of his heralded class in tow, Xavier Lee made a remarkable first impression in front of over 90 of his teammates and several members of the local media during Tuesday afternoon's conditioning session.

He also made a different kind of impression on some of his future recievers. During passing 7-on-7's the quarterback dropped and fired a strike to Leon Washington in the flats, hitting him the chest.

"Geez, I'm hurting now," said Washington, crying out in mock pain.

The first look was indeed an impressive one. After an hour of circuit training and another hour of passing drills, Lee entertained spectators by tossing a football around 80 yards on a line. He followed the act by throwing another ball 65 yards - from his knees.

"Its motivating to get a chance to interact with the players and get a feel for each other," said Lee, who is up to 225 pounds. "These guys are the best of the best."

Lee hit Lorne Sam for a touchdown over Leroy Smith but was picked off by Gerard Ross on his next attempt.

Fellow freshman Drew Weatherford found Donnie Carter and Lincoln's Fred Rouse for scores in 7-on-7s. Weatherford also connected with Jamaal Edwards on some flare routes. Edwards was able to make a few defenders miss on both occasions.

"Right now is the beginning of a dream come true," Weatherford said. "I'm living out a dream by coming here to play football."

Meanwhile Chris Rix played the part of teacher. Rix, who had ice on a pulled quad let his understudies go much of the work while he gave pointers after each play.

"Chris has been a great influence since we've been here," Lee said. "You can tell he really wants to help us get things done right. He's going to be gone after this season and someone's going to have to be ready to step in."

Kenny Ingram and Tony Carter also got some lessons. BJ Ward and Bryant McFadden helped the freshmen with some technique tips.

Along with the tips came some ribbing - many of the verterans had some verbal barbs and joking smacktalk for the new arrivals.

"It comes with the territory," Lee said. "They are going to be talking noise in the games. Better get used to it now."

Wille Reid and Matt Henshaw were spotted for the first time this summer. Reid returned from an ankle sprain while Henshaw had been training in Tennessee for the first half of the summer.

Stay posted for further updates on Edwards, Carter, Lawrence Timmons, Jae Thaxton and others in the coming days.

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