Rested and Relaxed

There's plenty of excitement surrounding Florida State's incoming freshman class -- with good reason, too. The group features a little bit of everything, from skill to speed to strength. <b>John Frady</b> (right) can relate to the buzz. Frady was a top contributor last season for the Seminoles as a freshman behind starter <b>David Castillo</b> at center. Rested and relaxed and lighter, Frady returned from his home in Jacksonville to begin summer conditioning drills.

John Frady is rested, relaxed and raring to go.

Frady, Florida State's sophomore center, recently returned to Tallahassee from his home in Jacksonville to begin summer conditioning drills with the Seminoles.

Frady, who made his first career start against Virginia for an injured David Castillo and was a key contributor last season, feels rejuvenated following a needed break.

"I got to go home and work out with the kids in high school (The Bolles School) for a little bit," Frady said following Tuesday's workout.

"Now that I am back here, I have one thing in mind -- we have to get ready for the season now."

Frady says the chance to return home and be around family and friends is extremely important.

"You have to do it at some point," Frady said.

"Just to be able to get back to where you are familiar and comfortable, just relax and let your body heal. Once we start up in August, we are at it unitl the end of March. So it's important to heal up and rest."

Of course, a smiling Frady is enjoying the opportunity to meet and watch the arriving members of the Seminoles' heralded recruiting class.

The group is anchored by record-setting quarterbacks Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee.

"It seems just like yesterday me and (David) Overmyer were the new guys here," Frady said.

"I am really impressed with how many of them are here early and how they are getting involved with the offseason conditioning. I think it's really going to help the team."

Frady also wants to help the newcomers make the transition from high school to college.

"It's going to be (busy)," Frady said.

"All of a sudden you go from practicing by some trees and now all of a sudden you are in the shadow of 80,000-person stadium. It takes some time to get used to. You just have to realize it's like high school in terms of being prepared, learn you assignments and go out and do the best you can."

Frady, of course, is looking to build on his initial season with the Seminoles. Frady was one of eight freshmen to play in FSU's season-opening victory over North Carolina. He continued to progress and proved to be a capable backup behind an injury-plagued Castillo.

Frady, who played around 305 pounds last season, has dropped nearly 15 pounds in an effort to improve his quickness and conditioning.

"I really was pleased," Frady said of his freshman season.

"I got a chance to play O-line as a freshman -- most people don't get that opportunity. I got to start the Virginia game. I am looking to try to build on that this year, take that experience and convert it and be even more ready to contribute.

"It's a different kind of conditioning. This year I am a little bit lighter, trying to be a little quicker. But I feel great and am excited to get going."

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