QB Quotes: Weatherford and Lee

Formerly two of the most heralded quarterbacks in the nation in high school, both Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee arrived in Tallahassee in the past week to begin their college carrers at FSU. See what each had to say about thier first few workouts, the prospect of redshirting and other topics.

(on getting to FSU)

Xavier Lee: "It's real motivating getting the chance to interact before the season starts. We are getting a feeling for each other. I'm glad they are doing it because it gives us a chance to get a head start on the books as well as on the field. It's been fun. This campus is gigantic. I got lost the first few days but I'm getting used to it now."

Drew Weatherford: "I'm excited to be here. It's setting in now that I'm out here with the whole team. When I first got in town, I still didn't feel like I was here yet but now it's starting to sink in. I didn't know what to expect. This is big time football. There are a lot of big time players out here."

(on interaction with Chris Rix)

XL: "Chris is a good leader and I respect him. We are new here and he is showing us what we need to do and how to do it. Soon he's going to be gone so someone has to step up and take his place."

DW: "He's been doing a great job teaching us and helping us run through the progressions and stuff. It's like having a coach out there which is nice coming from a redshirt senior."

(on the rest of the freshmen)

XL: "Me and Darius McClure have become good friends. We have one class together. It's pretty fun. I'm getting to know all the other freshmen. Me and Aaron were pretty good friends before I came here and it's the same here. I knew him before and I know him now."

DW: "I'm not in classes. I'm here to learn the offense, workout and get to know a lot of the guys. We're already gelling as a class. We're already real close. I didn't know what to expect because we came here as a number of talented individuals but we're really starting to come together. We get along great."

(on the prospect of taking a redshirt)

XL: "I'm just going in and trying to learn as much as I can, get big and get better. I want to learn the system as much and as fast as I can. If I'm not playing I'm going to redshirt. If I'm going to play I'm going to keep playing."

DW: "I'm going to let the coaches deal with that. I know they are going to look out for my best interests so I'll let them handle that. I'm just going to go out there an play. I've never been one to try and make decisions for a coach."


XL: "I'm 6-4 and 225 now."

DW: "I'm up to 210 and want to get my forty down to around 4.6 once we test."

(Lee on Weatherford)

"We've always got along good. Everybody thinks it's a rivalry but he's a good friend and I'm a good friend. We look out for each other. He helps me out and I help him out. He helps out me more now because he learned the playbook a little faster than I did. That's what teammates are for."

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