Position of Need

Florida State's offensive coaches don't have much of a choice when it comes to next season's tailback situation. Come two-a-days, the Seminoles will be searching among either freshmen or walk-ons for a third-stringer behind <b>Leon Washington</b> and <b>Lorenzo Booker.</b> <b>Jamaal Edwards </b>says he's ready to answer the call.

And if things shake out anything like they did last year, someone will have to be ready. Leon Washington missed four games with a dislocated elbow while Lorenzo Booker battled ankle and hamstring problems.

"I want to get on the field," Jamaal Edwards said.

"But I'm also going to wait and see what the coaches want to do. I'm going to be a team player about this."

Edwards, who was the third-rated tailback coming out of (Greensboro, N.C.) Dudley High, has been impressive in his first few days of summer conditioning. In 7-on-7 throwing drills, Edwards has shown some shiftiness against FSU linebackers, often making one or two miss before being tagged down.

"When you have the best around you, its going to make you better," said Edwards.

Like many of the other incoming freshmen, Edwards has said that the group has begun to gel and is excited about finally getting down to business.

"I played against Lawrence (Timmons) in the Shrine Bowl and we've been pretty good friends since. I starting to get to know these other guys and (I think) we have a good group."

Another option behind Booker and Washington is wide reciever Willie Reid, who was pressed into buty last season. Reid returned to activity this week after offseason ankle surgery.

"I'll do what they want," Reid said.

"I'll help out how I can."

But Reid made it clear he hopes the situation wouldn't come to that he'd prefer to let Edwards and Lamar Lewis duke it out for the spot.

"Being in one spot helps me concentrate a little," he said.

"I can come out here and run routes and make catches and focus on that part of the playbook."

Edwards said he weighs 205 and hopes to run a 4.4 when the team tests.

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