Man with a Plan

<b>Aaron Jones,</b> cleared physically by Florida State's training staff, joined the fold during Wednesday's conditioning workout. The step was just the first of many Jones has planned, both on the field and off. Click here for all the details.

Aaron Jones and more than 90 of his teammates took part in several different agility stations which started specializing at some points. Skill players worked on some form and technique during one station while Jones and the rest of the defensive linemen concentrated more on footwork and staying low.

The former Edgewater standout said he was somewhat ready for the challenges he encountered Wednesday.

"With my dad being in the NFL, I was a little familiar with some of the stuff we did today," said Jones. "In high school, I used to work out with him as well as do workouts with my teammates."

"Here it was a little more intense. Having all these older guys out here to work with really makes you work that much harder. Plus its what has to be done if I want to make the playing squad."

Jones was candid in saying he had no intentions of taking a redshirt this season.

"I know my place," he said. "I know that I'm not going to start or anything like that. I just want to be able to get on the field and contribute somehow. The game is played at a different speed in game situations."

Having high school teammate Kenny Ingram arrive in town at the same time has made the transition for Jones, who – along with several of the other freshman – is enrolled in the C.A.R.E. program, a university program designed to help newcomers acclimate to college life.

"With me and Kenny already knowing each other, it made it easy for us to go out and get these other guys," said Jones, who said his teammates had a Madden tournament planned for later that night.

"I was the first one to talk to Darius McClure. With him being from Alabama, he didn't know any of us coming in where (the rest of us) knew some guys. But we're coming together."

In the classroom, Jones is already enrolled in his six hours and plans to major in political science.

"I want to be a Black advocate and help the Black community," he said. "Hopefully down the road I can use football to help me reach people."

Other notes from Wednesday: Lamar Lewis was out in throwing drills for the first time and said that fellow Jacksonville native Leon Washington has helped him get settled over the past week.

Chauncey Stovall pulled a quad and did to participate. He jogged with other holdouts A.J. Nicholson, Barry Wright and Leroy Smith.

FSU will practice again Thursday before breaking for the weekend. Several players will be pulling double duty next week when they help with the FSU camps.

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