New Game

One of the more physically impressive newcomers this week has been linebacker <b>Jae Thaxton.</b> The imposing 222-pounder has made impressions with his teammates roaming the middle during voluntary throwing drills. As solid his physique already is, Thaxton says he's ready to take his game to the next level.

Thaxton hopes to figure prominently in the Seminole linebacking corps in the next few seasons.

"It's a lot more intense up here," said Thaxton. "You have to be in a lot better shape to play college football than high school. That's obvious. I want to try and get a little bigger."

Thaxton had to clear a few minor hurdles when he arrived last week, but was cleared to participate in conditioning as well as weight training by Monday. Some of his fellow freshmen are still waiting.

"I haven't been doing a whole lot of hanging out," he said. "I've been running around dealing with my physical. Then I had orientation to do. That ate up two days. That whole weekend thing last weekend – I didn't have it."

But Thaxton says he was more than happy to get all the headaches out of the way before the start of fall practices.

"I've waited al long time to get in the game. I've waited a long time to come down here and get going."

Thaxton, who was compared to former FSU All-American Bradley "Monster" Jennings by coach Jody Allen during his recruitment, tallied 150 tackles and four sacks in his senior season. The Hartwell, Ga. native played varsity all four years, racking up over 450 tackles in his high school career.

And he's exited to be taking the next step in his playing career.

"I come from a small town, small school and a small program so I haven't done anything like this before," he said. "It's all new to me. But I welcome the challenge."

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