Helping Hand

Geoff Berniard was ready for the rigors of his first week of conditioning with his new teammates. The Lafayette, La. offensive linemen had been preparing ever since he committed to FSU by completing lifting and agility program with high school teammates. But there were some unexpected surprises waiting for Berniard when he arrived in Tallahassee.

The mood and the stage were all new to Berniard.

"It's an awesome atmosphere out here," he said. "Guys are motivated and they'll do anything to help out. I was working on some things with John Frady and he was ready to help with anything."

The OL also marveled at the scene. Over 90 of his teammates were there – early – to be led through conditioning stations by around a half-dozen members of Jon Jost's strength and conditioning staff. TV cameras and a few members of the local media were on hand to chronicle to arrival of top QBs Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford.

"What I wasn't expecting is this," he said, looking around the facility. "In high school you might have a few dads out there taking in practice but this is whole new ballgame. It's exciting."

Frady, Mario Henderson, Alex Barron and others were seen helping Berniard get a feel for the different exercises that the offensive linemen completed as a unit. Berniard kept up to speed, for the most part, and said he's preparation had paid off.

"I think I'm in decent shape," he said. "But this is quite a workout. I'm Lousiana so I'm used to working out in the heat. But this is a little more intense."

"I wouldn't say its easy."

Berniard said that the FSU program, as well as some camp experience under his belt, had paid immediate dividends.

"In camps, we did a lot of the same types of things," he said. "But in camp, you're more focused on yourself and what your doing. Here, guys are encouraging each other and getting after each other."

Berniard chose FSU over FSU, South Carolina, LSU and Duke, among others.

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