Well-Deserved Break

The Florida State football team wrapped up a productive week of conditioning with a grueling Thursday workout. In three different flights, players completed around a dozen 55-yard sprints before tackling the 110-yarders. FSU returns to action on Monday.

In the big group, Charles Howard led the way while Chris Bradwell and Chauncey Davis were also in the front of the pack.

Drew Weatherford, Chris Rix, Ernie Sims and Jae Thaxton were always near the front of the middle group while Antonio Cromartie and Craphonso Thorpe set the pace for the fastest group.

Clifton Dickson's efforts didn't go unnoticed by the strength and conditioning staff. The big defensive linemen struggled though his last few sprints but was able to make it in under the alotted times in most of them anyway. Teammates helped him though.

Rix, Weatherford and tight ends Matt Root and Matt Henshaw stayed around to toss the ball with about 20 or so players. Most left after the sprints, likely taking off for the holiday weekend.

Strength and conditioning coach John Jost praised the team before dissmissing them for the weekend.

"You guys did a great job and worked hard this week," he told them. "Now get out of here and take a well-deserved break."

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