Class Acts

Florida State's most recent acquisitions at quarterback, <b>Drew Weatherford </b>and <b>Xavier Lee, </b>have been quick to make impressions on their new teammates since arriving in town a little over a week ago. Click here for all the details.

While Drew Weatherford has been attending the voluntary practices regularly, Xavier Lee has yet to be cleared for conditioning.

However, that hasn't stopped Lee from spending time around the team and playing a little pitch and catch with some of the other Seminoles after conditioning sessions end.

Running back Leon Washington felt the prowess of the young gun-slinger first hand during one of these post-conditioning practices.

"I caught the first one and I was like, 'dang slow that down,'" Washington said.

"My chest was stinging a little. I was ready for it after that."

Starting quarterback Chris Rix has worked closely with both Weatherford and Lee. He already sees a strong on-field relationship growing between the two and the rest of the team.

"I'm very impressed with how competitive they are already," Rix said.

"They want to learn and compete right away and they ask a lot of questions. Neither know if they want to red-shirt yet, but their mentality is that they will play in the first game." Neither Weatherford or Lee will know of their red-shirt status until the start of the 2004 season becomes a little closer, but wide receiver Willie Reid is confident that if either has to step up during their first season at FSU, they will be able to get the job done.

"I feel comfortable with every quarterback we have, because they're at Florida State for a reason," Reid said.

"They look like the real deal. They don't even know the plays yet and they're making the right reads. Both of them can throw the ball and we'll just have to see how things unfold."

Reid has also taken note of the players personalities off the field.

"They're both class acts," Reid said.

"They came in willing to learn and that's what I admire the most."

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