New Surroundings

Florida State freshman <b>Tony Carter</b> has an easy manner and bright smile. Carter, from Jacksonville, is excited to be participating in the Seminoles' summer conditioning drills. He also has added noticeable muscle and bulk since participating in FSU's summer camp last year as a high school senior. Just how much did Carter weigh at this time a year ago? Hint: He wasn't 150 pounds soaking wet. Click here for an update.

Florida State's conditioning session on Thursday had just ended, but the real fun was just starting for Seminole freshman Tony Carter.

Digging through his backpack for gloves, Carter was headed back on the practice fields for passing drills with his new teammates.

"I am feeling good -- I am just so glad to be here," Carter said and grinned.

Carter, a speedy cornerback from Jacksonville, is feeling comfortable in his new surroundings. He is yes-sir, no-sir polite, a player Seminole fans will certainly enjoy getting to know during his career. But he's like family already, since his father played hoops at FSU in the mid-1980s.

Known for his quick feet and athleticism, Carter displayed both qualities during the Seminoles' conditioning session.

"I am getting used to it -- it's hard work but I am trying to make it to the next level, so whatever it takes I am willing to do," Carter said.

"I like everybody, all the players, the team, everybody."

Naturally, FSU's veterans also have left a favorable first impression on Carter and the newcomers. The Seminoles' recruiting class has fit in nicely during the summer drills.

"Everybody is a lot stronger, of course. And faster and, most of all, everyone has a knowledge for the game," Carter said.

"In high school, a couple guys on the field had knowledge for the game. But here, everyone has knowledge for the game so you have to outsmart people and use your athletic ability. I have to use my speed. But I am used to most all of these drills. It's pretty cool. It's like camp every day."

Carter also has added noticeable muscle and bulk since attending FSU's camp last summer as a high school senior. A grinning Carter admitted he weighed around 140 pounds last year at this time. At the moment, he's a chiseled 165 pounds.

Don't worry. He hasn't lost any of his quickness, saying he ran a 4.31 on grass in a recent workout.

"I've gained a little bit," Carter said and laughed. "Last year when I was here, I was about 140. I've gotten faster, too. I am just keeping on the program. I just want to go out there and compete."

If given a choice, Carter says he would rather compete for playing time than redshirt his freshman season. That's why he's trying to make the most of these early summer workouts, watching and learning. FSU's defensive backfield features six senior players.

"It (redshirt season) hasn't been discussed yet. We are going to see how practice goes and whatever happens, happens, Carter said. "But hopefully, I can get out there on the field and contribute.

"Basically, I just want to get better every year. I don't have any particular goals, interceptions, whatever. I just want to get better and better every year and hopefully by the time I graduate I can play in the NFL."

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