Sorry Miami

When it came time for Orlando Edgewater's <b>Kenny Ingram </b> to commit to a college, his destination appeared to be a toss-up between in-state rivals, Florida State and Miami. Ingram had talked about his desire to attend either school, but when asked about a favorite he wouldn't narrow it down any further. Click here for the story as FSU's incoming freshman class -- <b>Drew Weatherford </b> and <b>Xavier Lee</b> are pictured -- participates in summer conditioning drills.

When Kenny Ingram put on a Miami cap on a cable television show Jan. 28, his mind seemed made up.

Turned out it was, but not for Miami.

Shortly after donning the Hurricanes' hat, he removed it and reached for a new cap. This time the colors were Garnet and Gold.

"I was a big Hurricanes fan," Ingram said.

"It just came up to a last minute decision, where I was gonna go. I just chose Florida State because this is a good school and this is a good town."

With the change of a hat, the wind had shifted for the former Hurricane fan, and Ingram, who describes himself as a natural hitter, was ready to line up a new target in the University of Miami.

"I'm tired of Florida State losing, so I'm hoping every time we play them we can come away with a victory," Ingram said.

"I'm trying to build that up as a dynasty right now."

But that may be easier said than done for Ingram. It's been four seasons since the Seminoles defeated the Hurricanes, and Ingram's spurious commitment to Miami in January may have added fuel to the 'Canes fire.

"There's a lot of fans that don't like what me and Aaron (Jones) did on signing day," Ingram said.

"That game's gonna be crazy."

It will be a game that Ingram will most likely watch from the sidelines before he gets a chance to take the field.

Despite the fact that Ingram says he will not redshirt in his first year, the free safety/wide receiver will have to compete for playing time in the fall against a list of talented and experienced players in both positions.

Until Ingram gets a chance to take the field, he'll continue his work with the team during practice. Since arriving in Tallahassee a little over three weeks ago, Ingram has been attending the team's conditioning sessions and taking notes on any pointers he's received.

"It was hard the first couple of days, but it's going better now," Ingram said about conditioning.

"They're already talking to me about getting low, so I'm trying to stay low and work on my foot work."

Staying low may be a difficult task for Ingram, who stands 6-foot-6, making him one of the tallest players, if not tallest, at either wide receiver or safety.

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