Building Strength

Florida State receiver <b>DeCody Fagg</b> feels like he has been away from football for an eternity. Of course, Fagg's journey from Quincy Shanks to childhood favorite FSU has been well documented. And it should come as no surprise Fagg is looking forward to the team's performance testing on Tuesday, which includes the 40-yard dash. Click here for an update as Fagg and the Seminoles continued conditioning drills Monday afternoon.

DeCody Fagg feels better each day.

Monday was another positive step as Fagg and his Florida State teammates continued their summer conditioning drills on the Seminole practice fields.

A light afternoon shower gave way to muggy, hot conditions.

"I am feeling great," Fagg said.

"Right now I am probably around 85 percent, 90 percent. I am running well out there."

Fagg's journey from nearby Quincy Shanks to childhood favorite FSU has been well documented.

He didn't meet NCAA entrance requirements and had to attend Hargrave Military Academy last fall. He also sustained a broken leg in summer practice and missed the entire season.

However, he fulfilled his dream by earning his qualifying test score and enrolling at FSU in January.

Once at FSU, he continued his rehabilitation on his leg and also underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee last spring.

Finally, after a long, long journey, Fagg is starting to feel as good as new.

"I am just excited to be back out here and ready for the season to start," Fagg said.

"Initially I could tell I've been out for a little good bit. When I first came out here, I was a little rusty. But now I am back and I am in good condition."

Fagg, who is lining up behind Chauncey Stovall and Dominic Robinson at receiver, continues to work on strengthening his knee and leg. He has been primarily concentrating on power squats.

Fagg expects to undergo a Cybex strength test on his knee in the near future, possibly even Friday.

"The last couple of weeks we've been out here going on-on-one (with defensive backs), and I am feeling great," said Fagg, who weighs 199 pounds.

"I feel comfortable. I feel like I am going into my routes pretty smooth and I have my chops (steps before break) down. We have a lot of great talent at receiver. We have speed, strength, power receivers, receivers who can jump. We are very excited to get started."

Fagg is also excited about Tuesday's performance testing, which includes the 40-yard dash on the track. Fagg has always been known for his speed and strength.

"I am anxious to see how the 40 comes out -- I am looking to run a high 4.3 or a low 4.4," Fagg said. "I just want to keep getting stronger."

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