Feeling Good

A German exchange student who arrived in the United States in 1999, <b>Claudius Osei</b> was a highly-touted defensive back/receiver during his one season at Tallahassee North Florida Christian. He registered 100 tackles on defense and chipped in five touchdown passes on offense. Since his arrival at FSU, the personable Osei has been plagued by injuries. Well, Osei finally feels as good as new, and he's hoping for a breakout senior season for the Seminoles. Click here for an update.

Florida State held its performance testing on Tuesday, and one of the happiest campers, so to speak, was senior rover Claudius Osei.

"So far, so good," Osei said and smiled after clocking a 4.52 (handheld) in the 40-yard dash.

Osei, a 6-foot, 200-pound redshirt senior from nearby North Florida Christian, is looking to end his collegiate career on a positive note.

He's also hoping for a little luck after being plagued by injuries since his arrival in 2000.

"I just worked so hard this past summer -- I've never worked this hard," Osei said.

"Fortunately, I was injury-free so I could just work as hard as I wanted to. I didn't have to slow down or anything. That really helped me out a lot."

Osei, who is listed behind fellow senior Jerome Carter at rover, has been slowed by a broken hand, a torn Achilles tendon that required surgery and a bothersome hamstring over the years.

Knock on wood, but he finally feels as good as new.

"I worked hard the past summers but it seemed like I was always slowed down my something," Osei said.

"My hamstring, my Achilles. I never could seem to go full speed. This summer I was able to go full speed on everything I did, so that helped me.

"The best I've ever felt? Right now (laughing). The last time before that was probably in high school. It's good to feel like that right now and I am just hoping it carries through the season."

Osei, like many, believes the Seminoles have the talent to make it a memorable season. FSU's secondary is expected to help set the tone and, of course, should be tested immediately in its Atlantic Coast Conference opener against Miami.

"We have a lot of talent, we have a lot of experience. We should do well this year," Osei said.

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