Helping Hand

Wednesday afternoon brought on one of the more grueling circuit workouts of the summer. Around 80 players partnered up and rotated though 10 stations during the hour-long session. The Seminoles will run 55-yard and 110-yard sprints tomorrow before breaking for the weekend.

The experience was an eye opener for many of the freshman, mammoth offensive lineman Courtney Abbott included. As players began to finish with their routines they rooted on their teammates that were still finishing.

With Abbott struggling through his final station, Leon Washington got in his ear to finish strong, providing the motivation Abbott needed to complete the day.

"I love the atmosphere out here," Abbott said. "It's more intense than high school because everyone is better. Everyone's together."

The Atlanta area OL said he used to get away with a lot more over the summers. Now he knows he can't take breaks anymore.

"In high school you got a lot of leeway if you were a big time player," he said. "Here everyone is at a high caliber. I'm used to being over everyone and now I'm here and all these guys are better. It's motivating to have these guys keeping on you."

Washington said he remembers going through the same process as an incoming freshman. Senior rover Jerome Carter and former receiver Anquan Boldin were the vocal leaders on the practice fields.

"We got some great football players," Washington said of the freshman class. "All were trying to do is make them better. We want to teach them early what Florida State football is all about."

Washington, along with Ray Piquon and Leroy Smith, has seemingly taken over the role as practice field motivator. All three have been consistently giving the younger guys words of encouragement along with the occasional ribbing.

Abbott said he was undecided about taking a redshirt and that he'd let the coaches handle that. The Seminoles likely won't need the services of the 6-7' "Shaq Daddy" this season – the offensive line is one of the deeper units on the team despite the loss of Matt Heinz and the uncertainty surrounding Bobby Meeks.

Abbott said he'd play with hustle and heart and let the rest take car of itself.

"My coach in high school always told me if you don't have that you're going to fall out. But out there today, I never felt like I just felt."

NOTABLE: Lorne Sam has shed the boot but is still inactive…Barry Wright, Chauncey Stovall and Travis Johnson rode the bikes instead of doing the circuits….Jon Jost motivated the team by asking, "What is Miami doing today?" a few times.

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