Since Bobby Bowden's arrival, Florida State football has made a name for itself with its willingness to play anybody, anywhere. FSU's schedule this season should once again rank among the nation's toughest. Problem is that factor has been removed from the retooled BCS formula. Click for reaction.

Last week, a simplified formula was announced for the upcoming season- the AP Poll, the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll and a computer composite each count for a third of the BCS calculation.

In an effort to let - people not - computers decide who will play in the Orange Bowl, just six computer rankings remain. They will be averaged to account for the computer third of the equation.

Also gone - quality wins and strength of schedule ratings. While FSU didn't garner any quality wins last year, its boasted the nation's toughest schedule going into the year and was helped throughout by its SOS standing.

"I don't see it as that big if a deal," tailback Leon Washington said. "We have to control our own destiny. Last season we were supposed to have the toughest schedule and teams like Colorado and Notre Dame weren't as tough as everyone predicted them to be."

Strength of schedule will likely be on the minds of the writers and coaches as they turn in their ballots for the polls. Of course, this method is imperfect and involves the prejudices the voters.

"I think people are looking for a perfect system and there isn't a perfect system," FSU head coach Bobby Bowden said. "We've never had that in college football. I've always been in favor of the polls being the most important factor. You usually don't see too much out of line week to week with the polls."

Using the new formula, co-champions USC and LSU would have faced of in the Sugar Bowl a season ago.

"It's rare that you get a situation like we had last year and when you do get those circumstances somebody's going to have a good argument," Bowden said. "It still goes back to human opinions more than a computation... I think the idea that they are making the BCS system simpler is good."

The good news for Florida State is their toughest game is the first, giving the Seminoles an ample chance to rebound if they lose to Miami.

"It should be interesting season for both teams because of that," corner Bryant McFadden said. "Most teams don't have a rivalry game first game of the season. "It's motivating us to come out with a bang." "(The new formula)can be good and can be bad well wait and see. I guess we'll have to win all the games this year."

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