Summer Sizzle

There's no need to worry about <b>Lorenzo Booker's</b> worth ethic. The Florida State tailback has made the most of his time this summer in preparation for the start of two-a-days on Monday, Aug. 9. Booker also has been impressed by the team unity the Seminoles have displayed during conditioning drills. Click here for an update.

If Florida State runs into any adversity this season, sophomore tailback Lorenzo Booker believes the Seminoles have learned from past sins.

Booker says players need to simply look for the closest mirror.

"The most important thing is gonna be that there's no more pointing fingers," Booker said.

"It's easy to point a finger when you're losing. I think everybody understands now is that we can't control what plays are gonna be called. I can't control what Chris (Rix) is gonna do, I can't control what Alex (Barron) is gonna do. What I can do is do my job and whatever play they call I'm gonna make a play regardless.

"Everybody understands that you have to take it upon yourself, you gotta look in the mirror."

The Seminoles wind down their summer conditioning drills on Tuesday before enjoying a brief reprieve. The team meets officially on Sunday Aug. 8 with practice scheduled the following day.

Booker, who weighs near 200 pounds and looks to be in superb shape, has made the most of his summer. He has attacked each part of his game with unbridled passion, from working on quickness to watching video.

"There's always something to improve on," Booker said. "I just love watching tape and seeing some of the mistakes that I want to correct. The only mistakes that I can correct as far as just being out there and playing. Everything in my ability, my work ethic, that kind of stuff I do on my own, I've been doing it every day. The only thing that I would like to correct I have to wait till two-a-days start."

The versatile Booker also has been working on his route running out of the backfield. The Booker-Leon Washington tandem gives the Seminoles an incredible one-two punch from the tailback slot.

"I've always been a big fan of getting my hands ready," Booker said. "I've run my routes out of the backfield, there's only so many things I can run. I've been working on my routes, but the only thing I can control is working on my hands so that when they throw the ball to me I'll catch it. That's a fact. You throw it to me it's gonna get caught."

Booker, who arrived at FSU as one of the nation's most highly-touted running backs, admits he feels far more comfortable entering his sophomore season. Booker, considered an elegant runner with power, expects to rely on his instincts more than ever.

""I'm a lot more aware now then I was a few years ago. That's the biggest attribute to my game now is that I'm so much more comfortable," Booker said.

"I'm not gonna be out there thinking, it's just gonna be like second nature. Anybody that's tells you that when they're on the field they're thinking is lying. Everything you do out there is strictly off instinct. I think that's what's gonna make everybody else out there better than before is that I think that we're gonna be a lot more instinctive."

Brett Malone of TheTerritory contributed to this report.

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