New Look

The Florida State Seminoles held a spirited workout under sunny and steamy conditions on Monday. While an upbeat FSU eyes the start of two-a-days next Monday, the team holds its final conditioning session Tuesday afternoon. At least one player -- recevier <b>Lorne Sam</b> - expects to greet the final workout with a new hairdo. Click here for an update.

Jesse Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Michael Jackson and Lorne Sam.

While three were large media icons in the 1970s, Sam likewise is an athletic icon at Florida State.

Still, the group is known for sharing a similar fashion statement -- the afro.

A smiling Sam, however knows he must cut his, err, losses.

Sam expects to have a new, shorter hairdo for the Seminoles' final summer conditioning drills on Tuesday.

"Maybe it will make me faster, too," Sam said and smiled.

Sam admitted a shorter hairstyle will be easier to manage with the start of two-a-days on Monday. The good-natured Sam also pointed to a lack of commitment and consistency as other reasons why the hair must go.

"The person who would braid it for me, sometimes she would be late or she couldn't do it the same way... and you have to make the call," Sam said and grinned.

Seriously, however, Sam admitted he also respected the wishes of the FSU coaching staff, which did not want Sam's hair spilling out from underneath his helmet.

Of course, Sam also continues to recovery nicely from a foot injury he suffered earlier this summer while running pass patterns.

FSU trainers, however, still want Sam to run either in tennis shoes or linemen cleats so not to put any additional pressure on his foot. Sam said his receiver cleats are narrow and tight.

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