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Summer conditioning drills come to a close on Tuesday for the Florida State Seminoles. FSU's incoming recruiting class has made a nice impact, impressing veterans with its enthusiasm and work ethic. Quarterback <b>Drew Weatherford</b> has made the most of his time in preparation for the start of two-a-days next week. Weatherford also is looking forward to a quick visit home to Land O' Lakes later this week. Click here for an update on Drew.

There's no disguising Drew Weatherford's enthusiasm.

Not even a grueling conditioning session in 90-degree temperatures Monday afternoon could wipe the bright smile from Weatherford's face.

"I am loving it," Weatherford said following Florida State's spirited workout on the Seminole practice fields.

"I feel like I am in great shape. None of this has really bothered me. I am just getting ready for two-a-days. Hopefully, I will be able to keep my arm healthy because I know there's going to be a lot of throwing going on."

FSU concludes its voluntary summer workouts on Tuesday. Players will be given a quick reprieve before having to report back in Tallahassee on Sunday. Two-a-day practices begin next Monday.

Weatherford, who grew up wanting to attend childhood favorite FSU, will make a quick trip home to Land O' Lakes to visit family and friends.

The personable Weatherford, who is yes-sir, no-sir polite, said living on his own for the first time has gone smoothly. His roommate is fellow freshman Geoff Berniard, an offensive lineman from Lafayette, La.

"In our household there's nine kids in the family so, I mean, you don't get that much attention anyway at home," Weatherford said and laughed.

"Having a roommate is nothing. I am used to sharing rooms. We've been eating some Cajun food. Geoff's a pretty good cook. I've cooked a little bit, too. But we usually go out to eat, to be honest for you. I am too lazy to cook."

Weatherford's return trip home will be a family reunion, of sorts.

"Everyone is coming in," Weatheford said.

"My brother is coming in from New York. My sister is coming in from Indiana. My brother Will and myself are coming from here. So we are going to hang out."

Weatheford has made the most of his time in Tallahassee, splitting time between conditioning, weight training, watching film and studying his playbook. The athletic Weatherford also has been impressive in workouts, displaying both arm strength and a nice touch.

"I've been studying it (playbook) for awhile and watching a lot of film," Weatherford said.

"I am not taking any classes right now, so all I am doing is working out, watching film and studying. I am getting a pretty good grasp of it. It's not hands-on yet, so it's kind of hard to learn. But I am getting an understanding for it so when I come out I am not lost. I don't have to think the whole time. I can come out and react with some of the plays."

FSU signed a pair of heralded quarterbacks in Weatherford and Xavier Lee.

The pair has fit in nicely, according to teammates, and are highly supportive of each other.

They are expected to battle for the third slot on the depth chart behind senior Chris Rix and redshirt sophomore Wyatt Sexton. One of the newcomers is expected to redshirt.

Weatherford is not concerned about that scenario.

"We haven't even gone through a scrimmage yet -- you never know," Weatherford said.

"One of us will probably end up being third string. I don't even know if they (coaches) will declare it (redshirt). Or at a game, if we are up big and if they want to throw us in, they may do it that way, I don't know.

"Honestly, I am glad to be here."

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