Helping Hand

<b>Travis Johnson </b> sees a little bit of himself in the nearly two dozen incoming freshmen who have been working with the team this summer. During the most grueling week of conditioning last week, several newcomers had a tough time keeping up with the upperclassmen, reminding Johnson of his first few years on campus. See why Florida State's veteran interior lineman thinks the heralded class has it a bit easier than he did.

Travis Johnson and Broderick Bunkley have excelled this summer in voluntary conditioning exercises. They've also been there to root on and assist new teammates get through their routines.

The defensive lineman have also stayed behind on several occasions to work on form and technique while the skill players compete in 7-on-7s.

"The workouts are the hard part," Johnson said.

"The game itself is easy. If these guys can get through this stuff out there, the game will take care of itself."

Johnson and Bunkley said that younger players Clifton Dickson, Andre Fluellen and Aaron Jones have an asset that they didn't have coming in.

"When I came in were all young," Johnson said.

"Me and Darnell (Dockett) and Pig (Jeff Womble) were all freshman and redshirt freshman and didn't have guys to help us teach me this, to teach me that. It makes it easier having older guys around."

And it'll make it easier on Johnson to have so many able bodies to rotate into the Seminole defensive front. The California native said that, though he's in excellent shape, the summer workouts have still been takng their toll.

"They're not easier," Johnson said of strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost's routines.

"We're just used to it. Nothing like that comes easy."

A season ago Johnson tallied 36 tackles (3 TFL) 8 QB hurries and .5 sack. He hopes to build on those totals starting Sept. 6 against Miami.

"It'll feel real good to get out there," he said. "It'll be a good time. I'm ready for it. "

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