Feeling Better

Florida State linebacker <b>Barry Wright</b> expects to be cleared medically for the start of practice next week. While Wright was a regular at the Seminoles' summer conditioning drills, he couldn't fully participate in drills due to a troublesome ankle. click here for an update.

The sprint marked the halfway point in Tuesday's conditioning drills for the Florida State Seminoles.

As FSU strength coach Jon Jost encouraged players to push themselves, linebacker Barry Wright didn't need any prodding.

Halfway through the 110-yard sprint, Wright pulled away from his group. He crossed the finish line a few yards in front of his trailing teammates, drawing cheers from the training staff.

Watching the athletic Wright run, one would never know he has been slowed by a troublesome left ankle. He expects to be cleared medically for the start of practice on Monday.

FSU players report back on Sunday. The Seminoles practice once a day Monday through Friday, with Friday being the first day in pads. FSU opens two-a-day practices a week from Saturday.

"It's going good. My ankle is getting better and getting better," Wright said and smiled.

"I think I am about ready. It's feeling good, feeling stable."

Wright said he initially injured his ankle during spring drills. He enrolled at FSU in January from Coffeyville Community College, and the former Pensacola Woodham standout was determined to make a favorable impression on the coaching staff and his new teammates.

Mission Accomplished, despite being slowed by ankle pain. In fact, the competitive Wright wasn't happy about not being able to fully participate in summer drills.

"Well, I am not going to say it has been a great summer. I wanted to do the things my teammates were doing but I wasn't able - so it hasn't been too good," Wright said.

"But, overall, I can't complain. I am looking forward to the start of practice."

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