Bobby's Corner

Florida State opened practice under overcast conditions on Monday. The Seminoles practiced for 20 periods, not including special teams work, and ended the session with conditioning drills. Coach Bobby Bowden was in good spirits. Here are his comments to the media following practice, including his thoughts on the Seminoles' 2004 team motto -- "It's Time."

On summer conditioning
"You know that before you come out here. Our trainer has been working with them all summer so they let you know about the guys who are working hard. The weather was perfect for them today."

On Team Motto - It's Time
"It's time for us to do something. Time for us to get back with the big boys. We haven't been there the past two or three seasons. Anyone who keeps up with FSU football knows exactly why this is the motto."

On freshman class
"It's a good solid recruiting class given that it has all the components. It's not 18 offensive players and 5 on defense or 18 defensive players and 5 on offense. It's not all DBs or DLs. Good variety of 22 positions. Even a kicker. The biggest thing they have to do is learn what you're doing. Its not athletic ability they've got that. It's knowing what to do. The other guys know what to do. It's very obvious once you get out there. The first guy does what you want. The second guy does what you want and then a freshman jumps put there and runs something you haven't put in yet."

On expectations
"There's no doubt about it. This year's team has less question marks than last year's. Last year's had less than the year before."

On Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee
"I spent a lot of time watching them and they did not disappoint. I've had quarterbacks come in here with great reputations and can't hit the side of a barn. These kids look like they can throw the ball well. They need to learn how to throw the ball, when to take some off, when to lay it up high."

On Position Battles
"There's guys on the second unit who are maybe as good as the first unit. There's nothing better than competition. Nothing makes you better than competition. We don't have competition at all positions but there are some good ones out there."

On Craphonso Thorpe
"We would probably bring him along the same (as opposed to Miami not being the opener). The main thing is how well is he and can he handle anything. We'll bring him along cautiously but if we we're playing someone weaker it wouldn't change anything. He made some moves out there an injured player couldn't make."

On Leon Washington returning punts
"If he's the best it doesn't bother me. Other teams play their best back as their punt returner."

On running backs
"You take the first two then there's freshmen. They have talent but we have to wait for scrimmages to get a feel for them. You never know there could be a natural, a Warrick Dunn. Then you have Willie Reid out there – a natural tailback at receiver."

On Haircut policy for freshman
"Two years ago we changed the policy. We decided not to make an issue about (long hair) as long as there is structure. The freshmen always had their heads shaved – the varsity insisted on it. But now we are not going to make anybody."

On freshman kicker Gary Cismesia donating his hair to a cancer foundation
"That surprised me that he did that. When we signed him he had said that he has his pigtails since age 6. The more you recruit, the more different hairstyles come out."

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