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Florida State signed two of the nation's top quarterbacks in <b>Xavier Lee</b> and <b>Drew Weatherford.</b> While the pair participated in summer conditioning drills, Monday was the duo's first practice under the watchful eyes of the coaching staff. Well, the pair didn't disappoint. In this first of two parts, Lee chats about his opening debut with the Seminoles.

Xavier Lee kept his braids but lost his eyebrows.

Call it a compromise.

Many of Florida State's incoming freshman voluntarily cut their locks for the start of practice on Monday.

Lee, however, made it clear during his recruitment that he wouldn't part from his hair, which was fine by FSU coach Bobby Bowden, who had actually changed the team's hair policy two seasons ago.

Instead of shaving his head, Lee is clean and baby smooth above his eyes thanks to the delicate work of an electric shaver.

"It's worth it. I am happy. I showed my dedication in a different way in cutting my eyebrows," Lee said and smiled following Monday's practice.

Lee, however, admits he has no idea how long it's going to take to grow back his eyebrows.

"I don't know. Hopefully, I will try to set a world record (growing back)," said Lee, who informed his mother of his cosmetic choice.

At the moment, however, FSU is not too worried about how the physical Lee looks in the mirror. The Seminoles want to find out how he looks on the field.

Monday was a good start.

"Today basically learning and trying to get over the hump and, if I can get in the rotation, doing what I can," Lee said.

"I just approach it as I am trying to learn. I just got here. I can't really call any shots or anything like that. I am just trying to learn the offense."

Lee was happy he made good use of his summer by showing and participating in summer conditioning drills with his teammates, including fellow quarterback recruit Drew Weatherford.

"Summer was helpful for me to bond with some of the players and get my foot in the door and try to compete and learn the plays a lot faster than I normally would by showing the first day," Lee said.

Both Lee and Weatherford displayed good form and strong arms, but Lee admitted he probably tried too hard early in practice.

"I felt a lot of extra adrenaline," Lee said.

"I felt a little more tense. But as the day went on and the more reps I threw, I felt more comfortable with the players and got more confidence pitching and catching."

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