Feeling Like A Rookie

Fullback <b>Torrance Washington</b> feels like he has been away from football for an eternity. A versatile athlete who is known for both his running and passing skills, Washington is looking to contribute to the Seminoles' rushing game after missing last year with a knee injury. Click here for an update on Washington as Florida State continues its preseason practice today.

Torrance Washington wants everything to be right as Florida State continues preseason practice today.

That's why a smiling Washington is counting calories, low-carb style.

"I am trying to lose a few pounds. I want to play between 235 and 240," Washington said. "I don't exactly know what I weigh but I am feeling good."

Washington, of course, is a big, physical fullback who had 1,161 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns during his senior season at Madison County High School. Slowed by a knee injury last season, Washington is looking to make up for lost time.

And he likes what he sees in the Seminoles.

"I think it all depends on how motivated and how ready we are to want to do good," Washington said. "Every year we have the chance to be the best. But it just depends if we have our minds right.

"Me personally, I am motivated. I am excited about two-a-days. I've grown a lot since my freshman year."

For the first time in two years, the Seminoles have three healthy fullbacks ready for two-a-day practices -- Washington, B.J. Dean and James Coleman all are primed and pumped.

Coleman missed spring practice after undergoing surgery to repair a torn labrum (cartilage) in his shoulder. Dean, meanwhile, has added noticeable bulk to his upper body and is tipping the scales around 245 pounds.

Washington, meanwhile, has drawn comparisons to former FSU fullback Edgar Bennett, who also was dangerous runner/receiver for the Seminoles.

"I realize I can do that but I try to stay humble about it because I want to keep working hard," Washington said.

"I think everyone is going to have to be a leader this season because everyone is going to need motivation at some point. We all need to help each other."

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