First Impressions

<b>Antonio Cromartie's</b> knee injury will give Florida State's freshman cornerbacks a chance to display their talents. One of those cornerbacks who hopes to make a positive impression is <b>J.R. Bryant,</b> a former standout at Miami Killian High School who selected the Seminoles over Miami, Florida, Ohio State and North Carolina State. The personable and confident Bryant saw time with the second team during Wednesday's practice.

As an injured Antonio Cromartie met with a Florida State team physician on the practice field Wednesday afternoon to discuss his future, freshman J.R. Bryant slowly made his way off the field.

The future for Bryant may get here a tad quicker than he originally had anticipated.

Cromartie's knee injury will give FSU freshman cornerbacks like Bryant a chance to display their talents.

"Everything is going good -- it's a big difference from high school Everyone is bigger, stronger and faster, and you just have to learn the system quicker because you don't know when the coaches are going to throw you in there," Bryant told TheTerritory.

While Cromartie remains hopeful he will be available for the Seminoles' season opener at Miami, FSU must plan to go on without Cromartie for the time being.

Bryant saw some time with the second-team unit during 11-on-11 drills Wednesday afternoon.

Bryant, a versatile 6-foot-1, 170-pound athlete who played both cornerback and receiver at Miami Killian High School, says he feels comfortable in the Seminoles' scheme but admits he needs to be more disciplined.

"They teach you as you go along. We have plenty of meetings and you try to learn the system so you really won't look like a rookie out here," Bryant said.

"You have to play within a system. You can't do your own thing."

Bryant says he's also concentrating on watching veterans like Leroy Smith and Bryant McFadden. Bryant, however, also brings an impressive style to the table as well.

"I bring quickness, quick feet but I am trying to learn from the older guys and the coaches," Bryant said.

"You learn from the people who have experience and have been here. You learn their strengths are better than yours. So, I just learn from them and I am concentrating on working on my strengths and weaknesses."

Cromartie's absence will give players like Bryant the opportunity to learn in a hurry.

"We came in with the mindset we would play anything the coaches told us to play," Bryant said.

"Now that Cromartie is down, we're just trying to step it up and learn faster. We got to contribute to the team now that he's down."

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