Media Day: Chris Rix quotes

Quarterback Chris Rix talked with the media at length Sunday morning about a variety of topics including his recievers, how beating Miami would effect his legacy and how this season's team is has the best chance of any team under his watch to contend for a national championship. Click for a few excerpts of what Rix had to say.

(on new plays this season)

We've been installing some new stuff and we've also been doing a lot of old stuff in the new packages. So far so good but we still have a ways to go. We'll try to get better day. We're coming along.

(on receiving corps)

Just having Cro (Thorpe) back and some of the other guys back its great. It's disappointing seeing PK go but he's doing great in New England and we wish him the best of luck. But we have guys the Chauncey Stovall, Dominic Robinson, and Chris Davis who can step in. The new additions like Decody Fagg and the other guys are doing great. I have all the weapons at my disposal. It's going to be my job to get them the ball.

(on this year's team being the fastest in FSU history)

Coach Jost and the strength staff have done a great job as far as getting us into shape. They've been working us all summer and getting us in the position to be more physical. It's just a matter of transferring that to the field. As far as speed and talent I think we compare with anyone in the country it's just a matter of taking care of X's and O's now.

(on playing Miami first)

We haven't been able to beat them and they are a team we've had trouble with .We get to play our first game against a team that usually provides the biggest of the season. This year with all the experience and the talent we have – not only with the players but with the coaches now – it's a great motivation to this football team and myself. We need to go out there and take care of business.

Honestly I'm excited about it. I'd rather play them the first game and get beat (than later in the season). Psychologically, you take a loss to them (early), then you have time to rebound. We have a very positive mindset going in.

(on his progression last year)

I think that towards the end of last year I became more in tune with my role and I realized that I didn't have to do everything. Execute, put the ball in the hands of my playmakers. The thing that I've been focusing on is over the past few years in consistency. If I can execute my job and execute it well, we will win the football game.

(on how beating Miami would effect his legacy)

I think it would make a huge difference. Ultimately, I'm not occupied with the aspect of how I'm remembered. Everyone, of course, wants to be remembered as a great payer and maybe among the best. Everyone wants to be remembered for what they've done and I just thankful that I've been given an opportunity to be part of this.

I could care less about my numbers and individual accolades. Any individual things, numbers, records, will take care of themselves. I think that some people look at numbers but most people look at two – wins and losses. The number one thing – NC for coach Bowden – is what I want. That's in my heart. If I can be a part of that, it's enough.

Deion Sanders was at the spring game and told us when he played, he wanted to be the best ever and he challenged everyone to think like that and play like that. Not individually but a team we want to be considered as one of the best ever.

(on winning a national title as a goal for the season)

Over the past few years, that's been the talk and with the talent it's been realist. But there's always been some inexperience, an injury or something that's held us back. We have the talent, we have the experience in all areas and we have the will. We have the experience and the skill to get where we want to go. If we play together as a unit and keep focus on staying inside ourselves it is a very realistic goal. It's the most realistic – I think – since I've been here.

(on unity)

Whoever plays as a team is the one whogets it done. Just look at the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. It's not who has the best talent but it's who works the hardest and plays the best as a team. The past few years we've had great talent but not played as a team.

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