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The Territory is happy to unviel its new weekly feature, " The Guru Grill." It's a fun, informative way for fans to learn about their Florida State Seminoles. Have a question for a player or a coach? Wondering about the depth chart? Fire away, and a Territory staff member will be happy to find out the answer. Each Monday, we will post the Q & A for your enjoyment. Click here and Go 'Noles!

How's our punter situation looking this year? Also, who will be the gunners this year? Is Cromartie still on it? Perhaps Bryant or Ford?


-Michael from Tally



Haven't seen much of Hall but I hear he's much more comfortable this year. Antonio Cromartie and Pat Watkins will be the gunners.  Watkins, loves to play special teams.


-Dave Peters




Hey guys, maybe I am a bit behind but...

What is the status of our recruiting class? Who is here? Who didn't make it? Where did they end up?

Just need to try and get this figured out.




There are only three players that aren't on the team yet.  Emmanuel Dunbar is one point shy on the ACT of qualifying academically.  He will stay home and continue to take the ACT in hopes of enrolling with Florida State in January.  Jonathan Warren is enrolled in junior college in Kansas.  He will redshirt this year and he hopes to return to Florida State with three years eligibility.  He could be back in 2006.  Greg Carr took a greyshirt which means he won't enroll in school until January because of the numbers crutch.



What's the 411 on Rouse? Is he seriously looking elsewhere?


Nate from Sarasota, FL




I think he is indeed looking around but I expect him to stay home in the end.  He attended every Florida State home game last year and several practices this year.  Plus, the fact that he has several friends and former teammates on the Seminole roster doesn't hurt as well.  With the Noles needing wide receivers, it will be tough for him to turn down his childhood favorite.

Dave Peters



1.) Will McGrew hold off Buster at Mike?

2.) Which freshman corner is ahead of the rest? Will any redshirt?

3.) Who's ahead for our #3 RB right now? Lewis or Edwards?

4.) Has either Lee or Weatherford distinguished themselves from the other? Is Wyatt way ahead of both?





1). FSU linebackers coach Kevin Steele has a good problem at middle linebacker. Both Sam McGrew and Buster Davis were extremely committed this off season and showed in wonderful shape. Sam is considered the better run stopper because of his size; Buster is quicker laterally but he's also a tough nut in the gaps. There was a time when I wondered if either one of these two would be the answer in the middle. But both have made wonderful strides, with Sam in front coming out of spring. Unless Sam really falls off these final three weeks, he will start against the Hurricanes.


2). that's a good question and a difficult one to answer. In fact, I will probably know more after the scrimmage tonight. Even so, I went to receivers Craphonso Thorpe and Chauncey Stovall and rover Jerome Carter for help and, guess what? They were all equally impressed with the incoming defensive backs J. R. Bryant, Tony Carter, Trevor Ford and Joe Manning. Of the four, I would say Joe Manning, who is an impressive young man, probably has the farthest to go physically and will be redshirted. He has played both rover and free safety. Bryant and Ford have looked impressive in drills and during practice scrimmages. Jerome says the incoming group is extremely athletic and very anxious to learn. Thorpe and Stovall say the group is aggressive, physical and not afraid to make mistakes -- that's big for youngsters. I enjoy talking to Tony Carter; he's always in a good mood. While extremely quick, Tony is injured (shoulder) at the moment and if he falls too far behind, he could be earmarked for a redshirt season as well.


3). Running backs coach Billy Sexton really likes both, and there probably will be some separation following the scrimmage. Jamaal Edwards seems to be farther advanced in terms of running and pass-catching, but Lamar Lewis reminds a lot of folks of Leon Washington -- Leon included. Both players made nice runs during Saturday's practice, drawing Coach Bobby Bowden's praise.




4) There's no denying the potential and athletic ability of Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee. Both are impressive young men -- polite, personable and excited about being in Garnet and Gold. I am telling ya, it's going to be a wild, wild spring simply because this pair is so dang talented physically. But, as quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey has been quick to say this preseason, the duo has a long way to go in learning steps, scheme and terminology. That's where Wyatt has the huge advantage. Also keep in mind, he can zing the rock, too, and is a smart cookie as well. Is Wyatt "way ahead" of Drew and Xavier at the moment? Yes, simply because they are just jumping into the offense. But, past, both are said to be quick learners.


-Jim Henry


Which Redshirt freshman do you expect to make a splash this year?

-Rich from



I think that free safety Roger Williams has a chance to make an impact on special teams and as a backup to Pat Watkins and B.J. Ward.  He is a hard-hitter with very good football instincts.


-Dave Peters


How does Kenny O'Neal look so far? Does he have the look of a difference maker? How are Bradwell & Fluellen looking on the DL?




Kenny looks good but he has a little work to do before he gets some snaps at wide receiver which one would expect as a true freshman.  Because of his amazing speed, he could very well be a difference maker on kick returns. 


Bradwell and Fluellen are still in a learning process.  Bradwell will probably see the filed quicker than Fluellen who needs to add some strength.


-Dave Peters


What are the odds of both Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford RS this year? I know that it probably isn't what will happen, but it is my personal preference (likely meaning that if that did happen that a) we are successful on the field; b) that we are healthy and c) that Wyatt does enough so that neither X or Drew are needed even in a backup capacity).




It's hard to say now because the coaching staff isn't quite sure what they are going to do yet.  I've heard rumors that they wouldn't mind getting years separation between Weatherford and Lee.  Neither quarterback has yet to take a snap in an 11 on 11 scrimmage situation.


-Dave Peters

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