Turn up The Heat

The weather is getting hotter in the Tallahassee area and Florida State players are starting to feel it during practices. Coach Bobby Bowden hopes the weather patterns will continue so that his team will be in proper condition when the regular season starts

Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden is looking for a little help from the weather to get his team ready for their season opener against Miami, Sept 6.

Bowden wants the temperature to be as hot as possible, because he feels that his players aren't conditioned enough to endure a full game in the Florida heat.

"One thing is obvious is that we are not ready for the heat," Bowden said. "It's imperative that we begin to get it. We're behind in that area."

Tuesday was the first time, since two-a-days began Aug.9, that Bowden says his players really felt the impact of the heat, which peaked at around 96 degrees that day.

"You can't wait till the last week to get it, because then you'll play the game and get sapped," Bowden said.

For one of the players the heat was too much to handle. Offensive guard Bobby Meeks had to step away from practice and take refuge in the field house.

"I felt a little exhausted last night and then I began to feel a little dehydrated today," Meeks said.

Meeks said afterward that he was okay, but feeling a little tight.

Linebacker Ernie Sims, who saw limited involvement in Tuesday's practice still nursing a mild concussion suffered earlier in the week, echoed Bowden's statements.

"Some of the guys aren't accustomed to it yet, but a few more days of this heat and we'll be alright," Sims said.

"When coach refers to Miami and they're in the heat, who knows, that Miami game may be 90 degrees. So we need to get more reps in the sun."

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