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Although <b>DeCody Fagg</b> dropped his only chance at a reception during Florida State's scrimmage on Monday, the physical receiver from nearby Quincy is making nice progress this preseason. Fagg also was thrilled to step into Doak Campbell Stadium as a Seminole after missing spring drills due to a knee injury. Click here for an update.

DeCody Fagg was upset with himself after dropping a potential reception during Florida State's scrimmage on Monday.

The ball simply went through his hands.

It happens.

Not a problem.

Fagg, from nearby Quincy, continues to make nice progress this preseason. In fact, Monday's scrimmage marked the first time Fagg has played in Doak Campbell Stadium as a Seminole.

Fagg missed spring drills following minor surgery on his knee.

"It was great. I had fun. That was my first time actually in Doak playing and it felt great," Fagg said.

Fagg, a sure-handed receiver known for his toughness, dropped a potential reception on a drag pattern across the middle.

"I just dropped it. I was mad because it went right thru my hands," Fagg said and smiled. "We had a lot of running plays and I tried my best to work on my blocking."

Fagg says he feels comfortable with the Seminoles' scheme. He's currently listed behind Chauncey Stovall, Willie Reid and Lorne Sam.

"Everything is coming along great. Coach wants us familiar with the formations and plays, and I have all that down pat and I am ready to go," Fagg said.

"My knee feels great. After certain practices it feels sore but when I wake up in the next day, I don't have any pain and I am ready to go. The rotation is going great, everyone is getting a lot of reps.

"The older guys are helping everyone with the routes. We are working together very well."

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