Changing His Style?

After missing a few practices after suffering a slight concussion, Florida State sophomore linebacker <b>Ernie Sims</b> returned with a bang during Wednesday's practice. He was flying around the field, recording a pair of big hits on tight ends <b>Donnie Carter</b> and <b>Matt Henshaw.</b> Sims also has started watching film of himself in regard to his tackling form. Click here for that update.

Ernie Sims is the happiest when he's delivering a big hit.

Sims, Florida State's sophomore linebacker, recorded a pair of big hits during the Seminoles' half-scrimmage Wednesday in Doak Campbell Stadium.

Both came on tight ends -- Donnie Carter and Matt Henshaw. In fact, Carter left the scrimmage as he suffered a knee injury on the tackle.

"It took me a little time to get back in the groove and everything. I am a little rusty but I think I will be straight the next couple of days," said Sims, who was held out for few days after suffering a mild concussion.

"I feel great. My head feels real light right now. I feel light on my feet. I am ready to hit somebody, ready to knock somebody out again. Some plays I busted but that's part of football."

Sims admits his tackling technique needs a little work -- he leads with his helmet, which, of courses, absorbs the contact. He is trying to tackle more with his shoulder.

A smiling Sims, however, says he doesn't want to change too much.

"I have a tendency to lead with my head a lot. I've been doing that since high school," Sims said.

"I am trying to train myself to lead with my shoulder. I just lead with my head all the time. I always do it. I've been watching film trying to correct myself.

"But I really don't want to change it too much. I don't want to change the way I play. My aggressiveness and everything. I am just trying to improve my tackling technique. I just want to keep hitting people hard."

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