Fresh Faces

Florida State offensive linemen <b>Jacky Claude </b> and <b>Cornelius Lewis</b> found their way onto the first-team offense quicker than most other freshmen, even if it's only temporary. Click here for an update.

During Thursday's practice, Jacky Claude and Cornelius Lewis had a chance to rotate for veteran guards Bobby Meeks and Ron Lunford, who were sidelined, nursing a pair of ankle injuries.

FSU offensive line coach Jimmy Heggins hopes the experience will be beneficial for both the young players and the team, which is already thin at the guard position.

"(Claude and Lewis) will get some experience, cause you never know what's going to happen down the road," Heggins said.

"The more at bats they get the better they are going to get."

Lunford said that his injury was minor and he should be back in time for Saturday's scrimmage. In the meantime, he's keeping an eye on the freshmen duo while they cover his position.

"For freshmen they looked pretty good," Lunford said.

"Cornelius is pretty strong and Jacky is real quick. Both of them, for being freshmen, they know what to do."

Meeks, who's seen his share of obstacles this off-season, expects to be practicing with team again sometime later next week.

"I had another X-ray done this (Thursday) morning," Meeks said.

"It didn't show any breaks just an old injury from high school."

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