Wyatt gets bulk of snaps

Florida State coach <b>Bobby Bowden</b> is trying to avoid as many injuries as possible to starting players in the final weeks of practice before the regular season begins at Miami on Labor Day, Sept. 6. As a result, backup quarterback <b>Wyatt Sexton</b> got a chance to take a few snaps with the first-team offense during Saturday's scrimmage in Doak Campbell Stadium.

Florida State backup quarterback Wyatt Sexton was a busy man during the Seminoles' Saturday scrimmage.

"We worked Wyatt a lot, didn't work Chris that much, wanted to get Wyatt as much work as he could get," FSU coach Bobby Bowden said. "When he had time to throw he did well."

Sexton finished the afternoon, completing 13-of-28 attempts for 98 yards and three interceptions. He also saw heavy pressure when working behind the second-team line, but wasn't too concerned.

"We can't worry about the line. In my experience, game experience, the line will take care of itself," Sexton said.

"Our line always struggles against the defense. The defense goes against these linemen every day of the year so they figure out how to get by them."

The coaches, in an effort to help Sexton, have given him a clear directive to get rid of the ball when he finds himself scrambling to avoid a sack.

"They don't want us to take sacks in certain situations," Sexton said.

"Getting rid of the ball is very important and not killing drives obviously. That's something I'm trying to work on for sure. I'm trying to know the offense enough to know my check downs and know where to get rid of the ball."

Sexton has also put work into improving his pocket presence. Since the end of spring practices, he's been watching tape of NC State QB Philip Rivers. Sexton says he sees some things in Rivers' game that he would like to emulate.

"I'm actually going to start looking at Phillip Rivers and watching how he works the pocket so I can learn from him," Sexton said.

"It's a little different at the college level. You really have to plant and then step up into the pocket with some force and that's something you have to get used to. I'm still ironing that out."

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